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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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In the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes: 10 cool new detectives

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:28:50

A twisted plot, the search for clues, riddles and attempts to find the criminal – all these attributes form the backbone of a good detective. We have collected news that will help you try yourself in the role of detective and immerse yourself in the story in such a way that it will be very difficult for you to disassociate yourself.

It was a normal Thursday. But trouble is always waiting somewhere around the corner. One unsolved crime from ten years ago and the Thursday Murder Club is back in business. The investigation leads Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron to a local news legend and murder, with no body and no answers. Shot Off Target is the long-awaited follow-up to Richard Osman’s best-selling books. A detective with dangerous adventures and English humour. The best-selling book in Britain, breaking JK Rowling’s record.

italian coast. Hotel Briatico on top of the hill. Luxurious vineyards and magnificent views. Circumstances bring here characters connected by invisible threads, among which the main character Marcus is a writer who has lost the ability to compose, a student who has lost her brother, an heir who has lost his estate, a police commissioner who investigate strange deaths. The plot is acquiring unexpected meanings and events that occurred at another time. This is not just a detective story, but a deep romance that will not be limited to answering the question “Who is the murderer?”.

Andres de la Motte, Mons Nilsson

Antique fair. Here, hundreds of people are looking for rare and expensive gadgets. Merchant Teddy was lucky: from under the nose of a Chinese porcelain expert, he stole a priceless find. But soon Teddy is killed. No one noticed when the murder occurred – a sudden downpour diverted attention to himself. This is the second book in the cozy Pure Swedish Murders detective series. The detectives quickly realize that the world of antiquities is full of strange people, old conflicts, and secrets. And that means potential criminals.

Islam Janipaev

Action-packed psychological detective, distinguished by bright characters and masterfully constructed intrigues. A young journalist from Makhachkala ends up in a Dagestan mountain village where a brutal murder has just taken place. Fascinated at first by the investigation of a terrible crime, he is increasingly aware of how he plunges into the gloomy, cold and hostile atmosphere of the town of N, as if he were covering for the murderer. This story will not let go of the hero for many years. Not only will she get to the bottom of the truth, but she will also rethink his own life.

Keiichiro Hirano

Psychological detective of the cult Japanese writer Keiichiro Hirano. A year after the death of her husband, Rie discovered something terrible: it turns out that all this time she lived with a stranger who appropriated the identity and history of Daisuke Taniguchi, whom she considered her husband. The woman turns to a lawyer and together they begin to unravel this strange and terrible story. A multi-layered whodunit about a man who lived and died under an assumed name. Who was he really? And why did he hide his true identity?

In London, in 1878, a boat is found in the middle of the Thames full of rose petals, and in the middle of them is the body of a girl. The deceased is the daughter of a famous judge. Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Michael Corravan takes matters into his own hands. But a week later, he finds a second girl murdered and then a third. Korravan is confused. Gradually, it becomes clear that the river murders may be connected to some terrible act of injustice in the past, for which someone has brutally sworn to avenge. Will the detective get to the bottom of the truth before another tragedy strikes?

A new version of a classic. Arsene Lupine is the main French detective of the 20th century, talented and smart: he not only solves unsolvable puzzles, but also manages to rob unfortunate villains in passing. The book contains nine short stories written by Maurice Leblanc at the beginning of the 20th century, with magnificent illustrations by Vincent Mallier. You will plunge into the atmosphere of a classic detective – Agatha Christie’s novels and Conan Doyle’s stories. Netflix has already made a series based on the book, which in the first month after the start of the rental was seen by more than 70 million people.

A tragedy occurs in a town built with new buildings on a picturesque coast. A family with two children appears murdered in one of the houses. Homicide star Michael Kennedy, nicknamed the Sniper, takes on this high-profile case, hoping it will become an embellishment to his record, but little does he suspect that not everything is so simple. His young partner Richie is also full of detective enthusiasm, but he will also travel through a psychological maze, from which he will not be able to get out of the old man. The reader is waiting for moral dilemmas and all the attributes of a psychological detective story.

Janice Hallett

This is a puzzle novel, a cozy detective story (cozy crime) in a unique format – it consists of transcribed audio recordings in which the hero tries to unravel the secret code hidden in a children’s book. The reader himself can calculate the criminal and solve the riddle before the hero, if he is attentive and collects all the clues. The novel gives the reader the opportunity to feel like a real investigator, buried in the archives and with every chance to find evidence and solve the crime.

Janice Hallett

“It seems that far from everything you can learn from letters. A person can hide the whole world behind words. Here’s a puzzle novel made out of emails. The hero decides on an unusual experiment – to hand over to law students the private correspondence of all the participants in the case, deliberately hiding all other details of the investigation. They (and the reader) don’t know what exactly happened and who is accused of murder. By reading carefully, you can solve the crime before the perpetrator reveals all the cards!

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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