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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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In the Lensoviet Theater you can see the photo exhibition “From the wings”: In the pictures – Boyarsky, Kovalchuk, Migitsko and others – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:01:17

The uniqueness of the work, in terms of shooting. All scenes are filmed from behind the scenes, on stage, when the photographer becomes part of the performance space, enters its rhythm, sees the world of the stage in close-up, realizes what is sometimes not obvious from the auditorium. This shooting method was invented by the brilliant photographer of the 1970s, Nina Alovert, who photographed a lot in this theater.

– Why the wings, and not the audience? I am dead, assistant director, I direct the play, I am on the stage, I stand on the remote control and when I have the opportunity, I shoot, ”said Yulia Smelkina.

How and when did it all start?

Yulia Smelkina: Since childhood I have been fond of photography, I dreamed of becoming a cameraman. But I was convinced that this is a difficult male profession, and I left this dream. He became interested in the theater, entered the theater department. And already in his second year he came to the Lensoviet Theater. We often went on tour, I shot a lot. I made a great itinerant chronicle of our theater. Then I had an ordinary “soap box”, a professional camera appeared later, when I decided to take up theater photography seriously. And then one day I was allowed to film a performance from the audience. Vera Matveeva, the editor of the literary part, after looking at the photos, said: “This is wonderful!”, Although the shooting seemed terrible to me, honestly. But little by little something started to work out, and for 15 years I have been a theater photographer.

Do you have a favorite actor?

Yulia Smelkina: There are a lot of them. They are here in the photo. Behind the scenes, I don’t photograph by order, but for myself, and I never thought I would have an exhibition, so I photograph what I like, who I love. I prefer black and white photos. I think they are much more expressive than colored ones.

Photo: Yulia Smelkina / Lensoviet Theater

Opening the opening, the artistic director of the theater, Larisa Luppian, said that today is a holiday in the theater – the premiere of the exhibition. Photographs of Yulia Smelkina adorn the posters and archives of Lensoviet, theater magazines in St. Petersburg and Moscow. “Probably, all artists are grateful to Yulia for such beautiful portraits, unique moments that she captures. Not all photographers are able to capture such moments as we see in their works, conveying the emotions of artists. This is the highest and true skill works of art. ”, said the artistic director.

Direct speech

Many actors, heroes of photo stories, attended the opening of the exhibition. And he shared his impressions with the “RG” correspondent:

Alexander Novikov: This is a very rare gift, when you can understand a lot about the performance and performance of the artist from a photograph. Yulia Smelkina’s works are much more than just pictures, they have a plot, the atmosphere of the performance, the heart of it. This is a great talent.

Anna Kovalchuk: Besides being a talented photographer, Yulia is also a very good friend. And an extremely humble and gentle person. Today she looked at the photographs of her, wide-eyed, amazed at the shots she captured. Only a person who loves our company artists could create such paintings – real masterpieces.

Sergei Migitsko: Yulia Smelkina is a sign of quality. I love pictures of her, I have thousands of them, I thought it was just me. But no… There are so many hanging, one prettier than the other.

Who is a dead man? The person who runs the game from the wings. There seems to be no need for special talent here. But Smelkina is a good pommezh, a professional, a cultured person, a theater critic, she understands music, literature, and can help an artist with poetry and prose. A great connoisseur of our theater, she knows how to count any performance. She knows the training of all artists. Do you see the great moments that she captures herself?

Photo: Yulia Smelkina / Lensoviet Theater

God works in mysterious ways. It turned out that another gift woke up in Yulia. It is very valuable that she has her own vision of her, understanding of how to film an artist. Now all of us, armed with gadgets, are filming. But shooting the way Yulia Smelkina does is not everyone’s business. This is slow. God kissed her. Not only our theater, but also the city received a high-level photographer.

Roman Kocherzhevsky: Some performances have been going on for many years, there are photos taken by Yulia 8-10 years ago, and next to them are those that she did recently. And we can observe the evolution, see what has changed in us: we have not only matured, aged, matured, lost weight or gained weight… People have new worries, problems, anxieties, and Yulia, a good photographer, is great. her in capturing not only the moment of the game on stage, but it’s as if the artist’s personality comes through the character, and one can guess what she is thinking about at that moment. Other layers are revealed. I look at photos of the performances in which I play or staged myself, and sometimes I do not recognize these performers, with a plus sign. I remember the situation of that time when we were in the mood. Yulia’s view is from the wings, this is not a frontal photo, she does not have such an opportunity to sit in the hall in the audience, because she is dead, she directs the performance, and in the breaks she manages to take pictures without interfering with the process. We don’t even notice how she does it.

General opinion: what Yulia Smelkina has done over the years is worthy of releasing a deluxe album.

The exhibition will be open until the end of the season.

Photo: Yulia Smelkina / Lensoviet Theater

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Yulia Smelkina was born in Leningrad. She trained as a theater critic. At the Lensoviet Theater she began her career as an assistant director, artistic director, People’s Artist of the USSR Igor Vladimirov. Since 1997 – assistant director. She produced performances with Yuri Butusov, Vladislav Pazi, Gennady Trostyanetsky, Mikhail Bychkov, and many others. She published in newspapers, magazines and online publications in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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