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Friday, September 29, 2023
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In the Omsk region there is a shortage of personnel in education and healthcare – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 12:43:16

In the region as a whole, in six months the average salary level increased by five percent and reached 52 thousand rubles.

Teachers in schools and technical colleges received an average of 50,767 rubles per month. University employees – 95,233, scientific workers – 69,376 rubles.

In January-June, Omsk doctors earned 77,484 rubles a month, junior medical staff – 36,478. The salary of social workers was 41,422 rubles, and cultural workers – 38,944.

Meanwhile, experts point to a serious shortage of personnel in the regional education system. Today about a thousand teaching positions in schools remain unfilled, 700 of them in Omsk. One in seven schools urgently needs mathematics teachers, one in eight – Russian language and literature, as well as a foreign language, and one in nine – primary schools. In addition, the daycare centers lack 135 teachers.

To solve the problem, the authorities of the Omsk region, together with the management of the pedagogical university, are working on a mechanism for targeted training of personnel. In addition, it is planned to provide additional financial support to municipalities in the region.


There is also a shortage of workers in clinics and hospitals in the Omsk region. According to the regional Ministry of Health, in general the “shortage of personnel” is almost ten percent, and in paramedic and midwife centers it is 17 percent. Some specialists leave the region, others go to private clinics and others retire.

In 2022, 375 medical workers left the Omsk region, 138 doctors and 208 nurses were engaged in private medicine.

Today, as reported by the regional Ministry of Health, the most in demand are specialists who provide primary care: district doctors, pediatricians, family doctors and FAP paramedics.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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