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Monday, March 4, 2024
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In the Stavropol Territory, they told what prospects the KXan student brigade opens 36 Daily News

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:45:34

On the basis of the North Caucasian Federal University, with the onset of summer, a student work detachment “Vershina” was opened. Fifteen children from the Faculty of Electricity and Electrical Engineering will learn about their job future at one of Rosseti’s branches within a month. The selection is strict: only 15 people, first and third year students, were able to join their ranks. The head of the detachment, Vyacheslav Redkin, says that he himself worked in an energy company and is now in charge of energy students.

– The members of the detachment work in their specialty at the company “Rosseti North Caucasus” – “Stavropolenergo”, at the headquarters. First of all, we are trained there in safety, first aid. We also learn to work on professional programs, which need to be understood by those who continue to work in their specialty. In addition, familiarization tours are conducted for us at the company’s premises, you can talk to existing specialists, says Redkin. – When I did this internship, I was interested in knowing exactly what and how Rosseti employees interact with. I also wanted to learn more about their work, what to expect as I start building my career.

Student work groups – an invaluable experience, the development of physical and mental abilities.

He added that students of the faculty during their studies at the university can get three months of official experience thanks to the release of energy, one for a year of study. This not only counts as an internship at the university, but will also be a good help in the future when applying for a job, as will the electrical safety certificate that will be issued at the end of the program. And on top of all this, a nice bonus – a salary of 20 thousand rubles.

Companies in the agro-industrial sector are also ready to generate jobs. Alexander Merkulov, a student at Stavropol State Agrarian University, commander of the Kolos mechanized student team, said that freshmen who join the ranks of fighters get used to it in the first summer, get acquainted with older comrades , they work on the basis of the university, and next year, when they have the right to drive a tractor, go to the farms.

Soldiers in mechanized detachments learn how to prepare equipment for the harvest season and then learn how to prepare for winter downtime. For those who will work in their specialty in the future, these are important skills. The most active students will be able to decide on the issue of future employment even before graduating from university. Most of the guys go to the agricultural holding “Energomera” – the company needs labor. Merkulov himself works in the summer at the Sofievsky SPPK, where he is already known.

– Once I tried to work as a helmsman, and the next year I was already a combine operator – I liked it. Someone works as a hydraulic engineer, while training at the same time. Which of the guys wants to improve in the profession and at the same time promote the team, they look for and find ways, go to interviews, show their abilities? It seems to me that this practice is an invaluable experience, the development of both physical and mental abilities. Financial assistance is not superfluous. For the harvest season, you can earn from 100 to 150 thousand rubles as a helmsman, and combined operators receive from 180 thousand.

Ivan Samokhvalov, an activist with the Tom Sawyer Fest movement in Stavropol, which is dedicated to the restoration of old house facades, led Berkut’s construction team during his training as a builder at NCFU. He points out that wrestlers receive good money, experience and acquaintances that will be useful to them in their careers.

– In the university they give a lot of theory and little practice. Thanks to the construction team, this disadvantage can be balanced. At the same time, there is a chance not to be at the first construction site as an auxiliary worker, but to go to a large facility, where they will be trained in various specialties and placed in a responsible position. When I was in my second year, I actually performed the duties of a foreman. In another place, no one would trust this, and nowhere would it be possible to get such a practice in the first or third year, says Samokhvalov. – Now, probably, it works to a lesser extent, but in Soviet times, the fighters of the labor detachments received the experience they needed in the future to take leadership positions. You came to the construction site and not only studied, but also communicated with different people. Among themselves they were difficult, stubborn: there are a lot of them under construction. In ordinary life, you wouldn’t interact with them, but there you can’t get anywhere. We have to learn, solve problems together. All this will be good for you in life.

Samokhvalov recalls that during his practice he traveled to Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. This is a closed city where plutonium was produced for the first Soviet atomic bomb. Few people have the opportunity to be there, but the student brigade visited, visited companies and met those who saw the historical events with their own eyes and those who carried them out. .


Stavropol State Agrarian University announced the opening of its basic departments in large farms. As conceived by the management of the university, this should lead to more efficient training of highly qualified scientific and labor personnel. Although the project is pilot, agreements have been reached with five companies. The first departments will start operating there in 2023-2024.

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