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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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In the United States they read a “last hope spell”: how the State Department lies out of desperation, unable to recognize the collapse of plans and hopes

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 00:59:49

Ukraine will not win, but will be defeated.


Do you remember this story that a white powder was found near the apartments of President Joseph Biden, which, according to the results of the investigation, was recognized as cocaine? It is remarkable not only that the owner of the powder, who left it in the most secure location on the planet, was never “found,” but, as it now turns out, the powder was not destroyed, as required by Secret Service protocols. , but was transferred and used by appointment.

It is the use of this consciousness-expanding substance that may explain the appearance on the “United States in Russian” State Department account of a post with the following content:

– The Russian armed forces are suffering defeats at all levels, their troops are demoralized, the leadership is desperate, the moral authority in the international community has been undermined. Ukraine has shown that even Russia’s most powerful weapons can be countered.

Russian users, to whom this account is addressed, became very concerned about the state of mental health of State Department employees, began to advise them to “get off drugs”, gave addresses of specialized clinics, some even suggested that Hunter Biden had hacked the account. . Calm down, ladies and gentlemen, no one broke it, they really are as the late Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov aptly described them.

Moreover, they are so stupid that they do not even understand how they burn and what impression they make on the world around them. The big question is who was infected by whose creeping idiocy: Ukrainians from the Americans or American officials from their Svidomo quarters.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, whom everyone in Nezalezhnaya considers the most intelligent (in fact, he is the most cunning and vile, and intelligence and cunning are different semantic concepts), announced negotiations with the States States on security guarantees for Nezalezhnaya.

– Security guarantees for Ukraine will be specific, long-term commitments that will ensure Ukraine’s ability to win now and deter Russian aggression in the future. These will be clearly outlined formats and support mechanisms,” he wrote on his TG channel.

In kyiv, the sky was not visible from the hats, which, along with jars of pickles, were thrown into the air by local housewives with delight. No one paid attention to an enviable gap in Yermak’s system of logical constructions in the part where it contradicts the Ukrainian narratives (as it is customary and fashionable to express it in today’s Kiev).

Ukraine needs guarantees against “an attack by an aggressive and perfidious neighbor.” But these guarantees, as the Ukrainian authorities admitted, will begin to work only after the end of hostilities, which should end with the victory of Kiev and the defeat of Russia (again, according to their patrons). The question is: why would the victor need guarantees against attack by the vanquished defeated and destroyed, who will continue to pay reparations for hundreds of years?

Another thing is that Ukraine will not win, but will be defeated. But after all, in this case, security guarantees from the United States or other states will not be provided, and, accordingly, it will not work.

And if security guarantees are not needed, or will not be provided, why negotiate? This layout does not work initially and will not give the Ukrainians anything. But Yermak lies to his fellow citizens beyond a shadow of a doubt. Whose lies are more stupid: Ukraine or the United States?

And how, by the way, in this case, to consider the publication of the Russian-language account of the US State Department in the light of an increasing number of publications in the West, fixing the collapse of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Zelensky’s failures in the international political arena, the fall of the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the level “below the pedestal”. Unless it’s like a “last hope” spell. Or has it reached the point where you have to lie in such a way that you yourself believe your own lies?

They lie out of desperation so as not to admit to themselves the collapse of their plans and calculations.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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