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Friday, June 9, 2023
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In the US, the cousin of the BLM founder died after a confrontation with the police: the second “Floydian protests” will begin in the country

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:53:32

Images of Keenan Anderson’s arrest leaked online.

Photo: Youtube

American politics in the new year 2023 is marked by “déjà vu”, a repetition of recent events in an even more absurd form. First, on the second anniversary of the “January 6 affair”, neighboring Brazil almost literally reproduced the takeover of the local Capitol, when the “local Trump”, the nationalist president Bolsonaro, could not be re-elected in the elections.

And now May 2020 is repeated, when the death of an unknown African-American George Floyd after being detained by the police led to the most massive protests in recent decades: with fires, pogroms, demolition of statues of the founding fathers of the country. for his “white racism” and the global march of the slogan Black Lives Matter (“black lives matter”). Supporters of then-President Trump generally believed that his opponents, the liberal Democratic Party USA, under the guise of “popular rallies” were trying to stage a color revolution to prevent the Republican president from being re-elected in November. of that year

And now, déjà vu. On January 3, 2023, a fairly common traffic accident occurred in Los Angeles at 3:35 p.m. The police immediately arrived on the scene and arrested the main suspect in the auto collision: a certain Keenan Anderson (Keenan Anderson).

The 31-year-old African American acted strangely, he was excited, he was screaming as if someone wanted to kill him. However, the videos show that at that moment nothing threatened Keenan’s life, and the young man did not respond to the question of who was invading him in this way.

Then the plot became more and more murky. The video recorder of one of the police officers recorded Anderson’s words: “They want to make me the next George Floyd.” Again, looking ahead, this comparison turned out to be literal: later, as in the Floyd case, traces of drugs were found in the blood of a young man – cocaine and cannabis. Probably, his extravagant behavior was explained precisely by this.

Will new protests like the BLM-2020 movement start now? Looks like we’ll find out in the next few days…


Events were moving rapidly towards a tragic denouement. Keenan Anderson, apparently feeling unwell, asked for water, but police only repeatedly demanded that he “stand still on the sidewalk.” So the guy ran (according to officers, he “tried to get into someone else’s car and run away”). After a brief chase, the African American was recaptured, and then something happened to his heart. Keenan was taken to a local hospital, where, according to official statements, he “died four and a half hours later of a heart attack.”

It cannot be said that this is an event out of the ordinary. For example, during the period of January 2-3, in different parts of Los Angeles itself, at least two citizens were shot to death in similar “police incidents”: Takar Smith and Oscar Sánchez. The only thing that separates the late Keenan Anderson from them is the absence of world-famous relatives.

Well, Mr. Anderson is a cousin of Patricia Cullors. This woman is a thermonuclear liberal, writer and LGBT activist who in 2013 came up with the same slogan Black Lives Matter. Just so you understand her beliefs, Patricia’s wife (or husband?) named Janaya Khan identifies as “multi-gendered” and demands to be addressed by the pronoun “they.”

It is clear that such influential relatives among the “liberal movement” did not allow the “new Floyd case” to be stopped, and now the Los Angeles City police are investigating their own cruelty, and the mayor and other officials offer condolences, shaking thunder towards the same police.

And there is only one question. In 2020, at the height of the “Floyd case”, the racist and nationalist white Trump was in power (well, at least that’s how the mainstream media portrayed him), and now in Washington, the Democrat Joe Biden, who came to power on a wave of criticism of all these atrocities. Yes, and Los Angeles and the entire state of California is one of the base regions of the Democrats.

Will new protests like the BLM-2020 movement start now? It seems that we will find out in the next few days if that movement was a “popular initiative” or an attempt at a “network revolution” by the Democrats against the hated Trump.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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