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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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In Ukraine, hares will be prohibited.

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:05:59

After a series of name changes in the course of the fight against everything Russian, including names, the hare fell another victim to the Ukrainian authorities.

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This was to be expected. After a series of name changes in the course of the struggle with everything Russian, including names, the hare-hare (hare-hare) fell another victim of the Ukrainian authorities. But past the white hare (hare-bіlyak), this bullet whistled past. As those who were able to finish school know, there are two types of hares (at least on our continent) – a white hare and a hare. And the second, in addition to the size, ears and shape of the feces, differs from the first in that in winter and in summer it is practically the same color, different shades of gray, that is, light brown. But the hare for the winter during the autumn molt turns white, for which, in fact, it was called that.

But such an explanation seemed inadequate to the Ukrainian parliament, and Nezalezhnaya deputies forbade calling a hare on the territory of the country. At least this was reported by the TV channel “1 + 1”: “A gray hare will be prohibited from calling a hare a hare – Verkhovna Rada,” the scroll line announced. There has been no official confirmation of this news yet, but, you see, it fits perfectly into the whole logic of acting on the square.

The hare is proposed to be officially called only “gray hare”. And whoever does otherwise, apparently, will be reported, and the guard of the Ukrainian language, Taras Kremin, will impose a fine. Or some other way to punish. Malicious naming of a hare as a hare can lead such a “recidivist” to a zugunder, that is, take him to prison. And there is no excuse, they say, I am a biologist, and in our biology that is the only way they call such hares, it will not work. A conscious Ukrainian should understand that a Rusak is practically a Russian, and therefore it should be banned. Practically, “Kremlin agent” and “Moscow paw” ready-made. Or rather, his ears are long, which means that he listens a lot, therefore he eavesdrops, generally spying on Putin. Only renaming the hare can save Ukraine and himself.

According to this logic, they could call a poor animal on the territory of Ukraine, for example, “hare-moskal” or “hare-katsap”. would have happened to them

In Ukraine, in general, there has been some kind of painful passion for naming and renaming for many years after the “hydration revolution”. And it is not even the Sprehenführer Kremin that deals with such problems, but the National Security and Defense Council (National Security and Defense Council), headed by veterinary lawyer Alexei Danilov, who has preserved the image of a criminal middle-class brother. , which was in the 90s in the Lugansk region. By the way, it is forbidden to call that very “revolution” in Ukraine a “coup”, and the option with the “Euromaidan” is allowed, albeit with a stretch.

Ukrainians do not understand when people talk to them about the “energy, water and economic blockade of Crimea.” Because in Nezalezhnaya it is forbidden to speak like this, you can only “temporary cessation of trade, electricity and water supply to the Crimea.” The “Crimean bridge” is prohibited from calling it that, but only “an illegally built bridge crossing between the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Russian Federation through the Kerch Strait” can be used.

Even the Great Patriotic War is now forbidden to be called that on this territory, instead it is recommended to use the phrases “World War II” or “Soviet-German”. By the way, when they shout about “annexed territories” on all Ukrainian and Western channels, they violate the guidelines and criteria of the National Security and Defense Council. Because Danilov forbids it. According to this creature, whose main advantages are Russophobia and a square jaw that interferes with normal diction, one should say “temporarily occupied territories.”

But it is forbidden to consider and call the Ukrainian Nazis as such. This was even the decision of the Ukrainian court, which upheld the “honor and dignity” of the Nazi group C14 banned in Russia.

Indeed, after the Verkhovna Rada forbade naming objects and geographical names that were somehow connected with Russia, the statesmen of our country from princely times to the present, etc. the only question was when these militant Ukrainians would reach other sciences with their dirty tentacles. One might assume that geography would fall first, since there is an unplowed field for such activity: the Laptev Sea, the Bering Strait, Voronin Island, Cape Chelyuskin. But these are all international geographical terms, and Kyiv will simply not understand each other if it starts to push in this direction.

Therefore, biology had to take the blame. And the first victim of Russophobia was a hare. But the field ahead is still unplowed: for example, the Russian Blue and Neva Masquerade cat breeds, Russian Greyhound dogs, in horse breeding there are Oryol trotters and Vladimir heavy trucks. This is so, suddenly, without Wikipedia, as they say.

Of course, you can change the name to Ukrainian. There was a Russian blue, it will turn into a Ukrainian gray, Neva Masquerade will easily turn into a Zhytomyr carnival. But what about the Budennovskaya horse breed, to name it after Danilov, who, during the veterinary period of his life, barked fake thoroughbred puppies in the manner of the good soldier Schweik? And also the Amur tiger… And what else should parliament and state institutions do when they have nothing to do, or are incapable of solving real problems?

Poor, poor rabbit. Nothing, be patient, dear. Will he be a hare legally again? It was hard for the cat, too, but now it’s not a whale anymore. At least in the liberated territories.

But for some reason, neither Danilov nor the Ukrainian parliament said what to do now with Ukrainians with blond hair. Apparently, they can only hope that because of the color of their hair they will not be en masse registered as “Moscow agents”.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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