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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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In Ukraine, they threatened to quickly create nuclear weapons: kyiv’s lies are broken by several facts

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 14:02:55

Arestovich said that Ukraine will be able to create nuclear weapons in a few months.

Photo: wikimedia.org

The remission of the Ukrainian from the brain of Alexei “Lucy” Arestovich did not last long. It seems that, when he officially stopped, albeit at his own expense, to serve in Zelensky’s office, the patient’s blood circulation in the brain improved dramatically, he began to speak not only coherent sentences, but also to issue logically constructed constructions that make sense. and, in general, in some places he began to give the impression of a healthy and even intelligent person.

But, apparently, the deception and strength of the Ukrainian virus turned out to be greatly underestimated. Either Alexei read a biography of Zelensky, or a couple of works by Larisa Nitsoy, but again he made an impression on him in a not childish and very noble way. Aleksey got carried away with discussions about Ukraine’s own atomic bomb, and then Hitler, along with Goebbels, howled that they were not able to lie so easily.

Oleksiy said that Ukraine is ready to create its own nuclear weapons in not just a short, but a very short time, and this is not some kind of “dirty bomb”, but a full-fledged warhead.

“We can restore it within six months to nine months,” Arestovich lied to the video camera categorically and confidently. – But in this way we will violate the system of international treaties, for the observance of which we are fighting.

– The question is – is it more profitable for us to get nuclear weapons or to remain a country that demonstrates civilized behavior? – Arestovich wondered, beginning to argue that powerful Poland with its budget could commit such violations of the treaties, unlike Ukraine, and he himself answered himself. – We, in our current position, it is better to be adherents of the international system of law.

How absurd! What pure shit! For 30 years of independence, Ukraine has not been able to create its own plane, car or tank. In addition, after the start of the Special Military Operation by Russia, it turned out that Ukraine could not even produce ordinary large-caliber artillery shells on its own (and nothing particularly is heard about small calibers either), and then its cheeks turned they blew up an entire atomic bomb! Or even thermonuclear? Plutonium enrichment, thousands of centrifuges that would be needed for this, the most sophisticated equipment and, most importantly, scientists who were neglected in Ukraine, because the only science that is difficult for ridges is the history of the Independent since the ancient Ukrainians to the father of the nation, Stepan Bandera (who, by the way, Ukraine has never been). And all this in a country, moreover, an industry that has been destroyed to ruins (Ukrainian State Statistics Service reported the day before that the country’s metallurgy plummeted 67% last year). Oh yes, even nuclear weapons need money. A lot of money. That in Ukraine is not from the word at all.

Does “Lucien” understand what nonsense she is talking about, covering it up with some “noble motives”? Although everyone is already convinced that Ukraine and the nobility are two incompatible things.

Of course, he understands, because he is not a fool. But he cannot resist two factors: his successor, Mikhail Podolyak, was not capable of anything other than rudeness and primitive nonsense. And Arestovich himself is not very happy with his current state.

Arestovich, who trained students in his courses for a fee on what to do and how to be successful, is clearly dissatisfied with the money coming in, lessening the halo of his fame. He needs public recognition of his own greatness, and for that he needs to go from an ordinary coach to an arbiter of fate, a thinker on a planetary scale. He sees himself as a guru who gives hope to little Ukrainians who are sure that the whole world owes them because he offended them before.

But why is the scale of Arestovich’s lies so modest? Aleksey, arguing that Ukraine will not make nuclear weapons, because, unlike “bad Ivanov”, Ukrainians are good, he could not speak of six months or even 9 months, but boldly and honestly promised looking straight into the eyes: ” Two three weeks.” Moreover, with Russian missiles, this happened to him more than once.

And he was modest. It can be said that he almost “gave a chance” to Russia.

“I got my ass up, I lost my place,” Podolyak might say to Arestovich, who, in his current role as the “main mouth” of Zelensky’s team, will fight not for life, but for death. Although there is no difference between these mouth covers. They are both garbage.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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