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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Increase in pensions: when it enters into force and who is affected

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 12:16:46

Pensions It is one of the most recurring themes because it is one of the greatest suspicions of the Spanish. In recent years, Moncloa has implemented an average increase in pensions of up to 25% from the year 2018. Although not only pensions have noticed this increase, other amounts of Social Security remuneration have also been influenced. Now with inflation as a base, pensions have risen again and in this year 2023, they have been revalued by a 8.5%. In Spain, 1 person in 4o Almost 12 million Spaniards receive this type of benefits, and will be beneficiaries of the pension increase.at the meeting held at the end of last year, the Minister council considered on the amounts of benefits addressed by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations. In it, in addition to the 8.5% increase in pensions referring to the moments of inflation of 2022, achieving the increase of others such as the growth of non-contributory, the Minimum Vital Income and the Minimum Social Income.From Moncloa It has been approved that these last subsidies achieve an increase in up to 15%, the non-contributory retirement and disability, and the Minimum Vital Income, thus extending the extraordinary increase already obtained previously. With this kind of growth, the average retirement pension will address the 1,500 euros per yearwhile that of widowhood, would mean an increase in 930eurosFor the next increase in pensions, the Government has set a deadline: from 2024 to 2027. In these 4 years, another increase in the amount of pensions will have to be worked on, with several objectives in the main focus. Among them, the purchasing power of each of the beneficiaries as the importance of a system that has the necessary guarantees for pensioners through proper functioning. In those cases in which the beneficiary of the minimum contributory pension has a dependent spouseIt is expected that by 2027, the remuneration should represent the 60% of what is the median income of a household with two adults. In the case of the minimum non-contributory pension, it must, at least, reach the 75% of the poverty threshold in a particular way, thus increasing some 592 euros per month.The existing gap of the beneficiaries of the minimum contributory amount for retirement who are dependent on a spouse must be solved in the coming years with the proposed increases and will be calculated as of 2024. In this context, the amount will increase to beginning of years, from 2024 to 2027. In its first year, this amount will be divided according to the percentage base that is necessary at that time and thus will reduce this gap by 20%. In the second year, the same process will be carried out, but in this case to reduce a reduction in the thirty%. In his third year, that is, in 2026The objective will be to reduce the 50% of the gap. Finally, and in the year 2027The increase should ensure that no pension is below the Poverty line.All these measures will be necessary to control that all people live in a favorable situationor to help those who are not in a good situation due to the different circumstances that occur in the country, in this specific case, for the increment of prices due to inflation produced in other cases, by the War between Ukraine and Russia.

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