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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Indomitable rock legend and inimitable sex symbol: The naked truth about Mick Jagger

Date: September 27, 2023 Time: 23:42:13

Age does not prevent Mick from thinking about young beauties. One of them, the dancer Melanie Hamrick, is about to get married.


It is hard to believe that in his youth Mick was going to seriously become an economist, he even studied the relevant sciences at the University of London. It is impossible to imagine him, for example, as a banker, although, on the other hand, he eventually became friends with money; according to some reports, the artist’s fortune is worth half a billion dollars.

He also wanted to be a politician, claiming that this profession is almost no different from the work of a rock star. Given his frenetic energy, it’s unlikely anyone would be surprised if Jagger someday wants to become, say, prime minister. He will undoubtedly look cooler and more solid than the characters who have held this position in Britain in recent years.


But, of course, first and foremost, Jagger is a musician, one of the greatest auteurs in rock history, whose creative duo with his Rolling Stones partner Keith Richards can be equated to the brilliant Lennon-McCartney tandem (in fact , without the eternal rivalry of the Rolling Stones with It is difficult to imagine rock music like the Beatles). His expressive behavior on stage laid the foundations and traditions of classic rock performance: what in the middle of the last century seemed ridiculous to many, later it was copied by all more or less notable performers.

Mick and his colleagues in the Rolling Stones are constantly reproached that for almost 60 years they have been playing the same thing, that their 25 studio albums (soon, by the way, they promise 26) are not so different. about each other But, first of all, the enormous army of followers of the Stones do not care about these accusations. And secondly, even if the legendary band doesn’t want to suddenly be born with something unexpected, say, an ethnic album or an electronic one, should they be scolded for this? Perhaps, on the contrary, say thank you for being faithful to the traditions?

Well, the interest in the experiments of everyone, including Jagger, was helped to satisfy by a solo career, by the way, also quite successful (it is enough to remember that the song Dancing in the Street, recorded as a duet with David Bowie, took first place in the English hit-parade number 85).

Once upon a time, Jagger’s movements on stage seemed indecent, and then he became a model for younger stars.



Mick’s personal life is a separate and incredibly colorful page in his biography. The popular American television presenter Jay Leno once joked on his late-night show: “Did you know that Jagger had almost five thousand women? Incredible true? However, given his age, this is only four per year…”

Jokes are jokes, and girlfriends, for a month, a day, an hour, the indefatigable rocking really had an incredible amount. Among her star’s lovers were the famous singer Marianne Faithfull and model Carla Bruni, who at that time had not yet become the first lady of France as the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy.

At the same time, there are only two marriages in Jagger’s estate, and the second – with the American model Jerry Hall – is not considered official by everyone, because the wedding was played in Bali and does not seem to be considered complete. And the first wife of the artist, who went up to the altar back in 1971, was the Nicaraguan actress Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías, who gave Jagger a daughter. In total, the musician has 8 children: two sons and two daughters were born in a relationship with Jerry Hall, another son was given by the Brazilian Luciana Jiménez, the American Marsha Hunt and his current girlfriend, the 36-year-old ex. dancer Melanie Hamrick, said to be Mick, is about to open the aisle. And really, why didn’t he settle down at the age of 80? ..


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