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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Infantrymen to receive new Borodach flamethrowers at KXan special operations area 36 Daily News

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 06:00:16

“MRO-A or Borodach” is a small-sized infantry handheld flamethrower, which is essentially an analogue of a rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade, only its warhead is equipped with a thermobaric composition,” said Alexander Kochkin, Deputy Director General of Tekhmash’s concern, is quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

He clarified that the “Borodach” has already been put into service.

According to Kochkin, these weapons are designed for urban combat.

Currently, the flamethrower is presented at the Milex-2023 weapons exhibition held in Minsk. It was first introduced on the Army-2022 forum. “The MPO-A small-sized jet flamethrower in thermobaric equipment is designed to destroy manpower located in residential and industrial buildings, in defensive structures, as well as in automotive and light armored vehicles. With a relatively small caliber and weight weighing 4.7 kg, it has highly effective striking properties,” reported the state corporation Rostec.

“Borodach” is a disposable flamethrower, the weapon is produced in a monolithic case, equipped with a handle and a sight. 72.5mm caliber. The flamethrower was created especially for the conditions of urban combat: it can shoot from the premises, it is also possible to shoot from a prone position and from one knee. The charge has a jet engine that burns up when it comes out of the tube. Immediately after firing, the charge releases stabilizers to improve the accuracy of the flight. The advantage of the flamethrower is considered to be low weight, as well as four modifications of charges: incendiary, incendiary smoke, thermobaric and smoke.

Currently, the Russian army is actively using the Bumblebee rocket-propelled infantry flamethrower during the special operation. By the way, “Borodach” should replace him in the troops in the future. “Bumblebee” was adopted in 1988, and soon received a baptism of fire in the war in Afghanistan, where it proved a formidable weapon and was even nicknamed “Shaitan-pipe.” The flamethrower includes a launch container, a motor and a thermobaric ammunition with a flammable aerosol mixture. The principle of their operation is the same as that of the shells of the heavy flamethrower systems (TOS-1A) “Solntsepek”, only on a smaller scale. Sighting range: 600 meters, with an optical sight up to 850 meters. It was reported that the manufacturer is currently working on the modernization of the Bumblebee rocket-propelled infantry flamethrower.

Remember that the maximum damage to enemy positions in the zone of special operations is now inflicted by heavy flamethrower systems “Solntsepek”. In particular, they are actively used in Artemovsk, where the fiercest battles take place. The Ukrainian army has repeatedly admitted that they consider this Russian weapon the most deadly and dangerous. It was recently reported that the commanders of Ukrainian units are even forced to distribute psychotropic drugs to their soldiers in positions to reduce panic after the attacks of the Russian “Solntsepekov”.

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