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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Innoprom has become a major trading and export platform in Russia in 15 years – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:47:26

Image with effect

One of the most spectacular is the stand of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where you can see more than 70 full-scale exhibits, including a mobile hydrogen refueling complex for drones, industrial 3D printers, an underground drilling rig with a hydraulic hammer, and many more new high-tech products. For example, manufacturers of optical-electronic systems brought a whole set: a total station with increased angle measurement accuracy for geodetic surveys, thermal video monitoring and analysis equipment for 24-hour perimeter monitoring, a new-generation traffic light system with a special button to control signals at a pedestrian crossing.

A five-axle all-terrain vehicle with a hydrogen installation will be useful for oil and gas producers exploiting deposits in the North. Photo: Tatyana Andreeva/RG

For the first time, the exhibition includes items for the film industry. For example, the first Russian anamorphic lens with a focal length of 100 millimetres and a special lens structure, capable of converting an image to a wide format and creating various effects. It is combined with a multimedia showcase, where you can not only display the product, but also present it in the form of a video or text.

The manipulator will not look down.

This year, robots are presented at Innoprom in all forms: they cut and weld metal, drill holes, lift and transport loads. In particular, visitors will be able to see the automated complex for uncoupling railway carriages, which has no analogues in the world. The programmable logic controller processes all incoming data and decides how to move the “hand”. Moreover, according to the developers, the intelligent robot’s vision never fails: it is trained according to strictly specified parameters: circumference, diameter and weight; if a foreign object gets onto the conveyor, the equipment will simply ignore it.

The Chelyabinsk company has a heavy-weight industrial manipulator on display at its stand. Similar devices are already used in factories producing building materials and furniture. Transporting a load weighing up to 120 kilograms is a normal task for a steelworker. A robot with a unique gripping system replaces six people at a time.

Russian companies are working to increase the level of product localization

“The component localization rate is now 73 percent. We are constantly working to increase the component base and hope to be able to raise the bar even further by the end of the year,” plant representatives said.

Robots that integrate domestic software solutions attract the attention of Innoprom participants and visitors. Given the shortage of personnel, many companies are interested in such a “replacement”: they have higher productivity and precision of operations than a person and fewer defects.

Domestic producers are ready to seize the market with an iron fist. Photo: Tatyana Andreeva/RG

sea ​​of ​​cars

Today there are not just many transport solutions, but many different ones. For example, an electric bus called “General”, which consists of 80 percent of domestic components, regularly transports exhibition visitors from the metro to the exhibition center. The car can travel 100 kilometers without recharging. The company from Nizhny Novgorod is demonstrating an electric minibus: it can accommodate 14 passengers inside, its autonomous power reserve is enough to travel 150 kilometers at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Right at the entrance to the pavilions, visitors are greeted by a life-size model of the carriage of the future Russian high-speed train – such trains will literally fly along the high-speed railway at speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour in 2028.

Innoprom also announced the start of production of Russia’s first production crossover with a hybrid power plant. The assembly was organised at a plant in the Lipetsk region. The electric vehicle manufacturer has already signed agreements with two suppliers for the localisation of traction batteries, which will have a larger capacity than those supplied commercially from China. This will increase the range to 450 kilometres without recharging. The Aurus with its hydrogen fuel cells is also noteworthy. A car with such characteristics can travel up to 870 kilometres.

And young scientists from the Polytechnic University surprised us with a tracked robotic platform. It can operate autonomously for three to nine hours; technical vision is provided by 3D lidars and four IP cameras. Thanks to its high cross-country ability, the model can be used for logging, cultivating arable land, and conducting geological exploration. The novelty will also be useful for utility workers to clear the area of ​​snow and dirt; the platform is also capable of carrying up to 280 kilograms of cargo.

Listen and listen

The niche of products for people with disabilities is now open to Russian factories. Photo: Tatyana Andreeva/RG

A Moscow company will present neuroimplants that will make life easier for blind, deaf and deafblind people. There are two devices on the stand: one replaces hearing, the other replaces vision, while a person receives signals not with the senses, but directly with the brain. For example, a voice processor captures sound, transforms it and transmits it to a module sewn under the skin. A module with electrodes is connected to it, which is installed in the inner ear and stimulates the auditory cochlea. The visual implant consists of two parts: a ring with cameras at eye level reads the image, then the received signal is converted by a microcomputer that the patient wears and transmitted via an antenna to the inside of the implant. Thanks to this, a person can see the outlines of objects and flashes of light, which helps him lead an independent lifestyle.

– Cochlear neuroimplants are manufactured all over the world, but due to sanctions, users of such devices cannot receive full maintenance. That is why we are developing a domestic product,” explains Nadezhda Belyaeva, project manager.

According to Yulia Lopareva, director of the Innoprom exhibition, over the past 15 years it has become a point of attraction for Russian and international companies, not only because of the business programme and the exhibition, where samples of popular and commercially promising products are displayed. Success year after year is determined by effective communication formats that help market players start cooperation and build new production chains. By the way, companies have already started booking seats for Innoprom-2025. So we are looking forward to new premieres next year.

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