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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Interrogations and threats: a real raid awaited the opposition in Moldova, returning from Moscow

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:56:55

Head of Gagauzia Evgenia Gutsul


As soon as the Moldovan opposition announced the creation of a single “Victory” bloc, they were marginalized in their own country. Last weekend a congress of Moldovan opponents was held in Moscow, who declared their path to bring their republic closer to Russia. They claim that only in Moscow could such a congress be held without danger to life.

The president of Gagauzia, Evgenia Gutsul, admitted in Moscow that she does not know what kind of reception awaits them at home after this congress. And she happened to be looking out into the water. As soon as the plane with the opposition representatives landed in Chisinau, everyone was detained for interrogation.

– A band of invaders mocks the people of Moldova; We are witnessing the last convulsions of power. Only in this way can the situation of the detention of people at the Chisinau airport be explained. We returned home and interrogations and threats awaited us. Many of those who returned are elderly. They left them without water, they threatened them, they took their last money so that they had nothing to go home with. Many had to call an ambulance; Not everyone can withstand such pressure. Our colleagues were interrogated for several hours, they tried to intimidate them, this is how representatives of the opposition bloc commented on these arrests.

They took away people’s phones and prohibited them from calling family members and lawyers.

– Three deputies from the ruling PAS flew with me on the same plane, on the same flight. They flew from America. They had a whole team of employees. None of them were detained for questioning, which is what they did in the United States,” said Natalia Praska, leader of the Moldovan Renaissance Party.

The “separate conversation” with the opposition lasted several hours. The security guards were interested in what the detainees did in Russia, who they met with and what topics they discussed in the “aggressor country.” Although this could be done simply by watching the federal news, the conference was held in an absolutely open manner and received extensive media coverage. All those detained have already been released, but they have no confidence in their safety at all.

Romanian politician Dragos Galbur has already posted on social networks a call to “shoot” Ilan Shor and all his like-minded people who announced the creation of the “Victoria” political bloc. He also called the opposition “agents of the Kremlin.”

It can be assumed that this is just the beginning of the pressure on all dissidents. Major political events await Moldova in the fall: a referendum on the country’s European integration and presidential elections. Now Moldova repeats the Ukrainian scenario one after another, bans the Russian language, cultivates Russophobia and ignores by all means the opinions of a large number of its own people.

In the very creation of the “Victoria” opposition bloc, the acting Prosecutor General of Moldova, Ion Munteanu, already saw signs of high treason. And, of course, a threat to national security.

“I want to assure you that the prosecutor’s office, criminal investigation and state security agencies are following all actions that occur in relation to the participation of our politicians in Moscow, and each action will be qualified in due time,” he promised.

The republic’s police accused the bloc of trying to destabilize the situation in the country. And the reason for everything is the pro-Russian course, announced by the opposition in congress.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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