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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Investigators will not be able to close cases without the consent of the defendant KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 12:12:40

“The bill proposes to establish that when a criminal case is repeatedly terminated for reasons that do not rehabilitate, the consent of the suspect or accused must be obtained. This provision will protect the rights of citizens who intend to insist on their innocence. commented Vladimir Gruzdev, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Bar Association.

He emphasized that current regulations require obtaining the consent of the person involved to terminate the criminal action due to expiration of the prescription, only for the first time. The head of the AJUR Board also pointed out that there are possible situations in which the case will later be dismissed without the consent of the accused.

“This bill corrects the rules and provides for the mandatory obtaining of the defendant’s consent to terminate the criminal case for non-rehabilitation reasons in any case. The fact is that the termination of the cause by expiration of the statute of limitations can lead to negative consequences for a person. For example, he will lose the right to hold public office. The cause, which does not imply the rehabilitation of a person, implies an indirect acknowledgment of her guilt. That is, he is not convicted, but not acquitted either, ”summed up the head of the AJUR Board of Directors.

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