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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Investor trust is worth a lot!

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:27:59

In the Samara region, companies can develop innovative and high-tech projects with maximum support.

The new foreign policy conditions and economic challenges facing Russia have simultaneously become a time of new opportunities. In 2023, the Samara region clearly demonstrated that the region is one of those constituent entities of the Russian Federation that knows how to create optimal conditions for business development and growth and provide support even in difficult external conditions.

Systematic work

The government of the Samara region is systematically and constantly working to develop a network of industrial and logistics parks, territories equipped with all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure. In the region there are three industrial parks: Preobrazhenka, Chapaevsk and Tolyatti and two logistics parks: Novosemeikino and Preobrazhenka 2. Work is underway to create another industrial park, Samara.

The core of the innovation ecosystem in the Samara region is the high-tech technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”, a dynamically developing platform for innovative and high-tech projects. Here, 292 residents implement their projects in 6 areas. Start-ups can stay under preferential conditions in equipped offices, laboratories and workshops, hold their events in the technology park’s congress center and benefit from information and advice.

Priority development zones continue to operate in the mono-industrial cities of Tolyatti and Chapaevsk. 78 companies have resident status in ASEZ and 60 production facilities have been inaugurated.

A clear indicator of the success of the region’s investment policy and competent actions of the authorities is always the reaction of companies and investors. And the numbers speak for themselves. In 2023, investors in the Samara region invested 516.6 billion rubles in fixed assets, 62.6 billion rubles (4.9%) more than the previous year. And compared to 2018, investments have doubled.

“In 2023, 31 production facilities were put into operation in the region, 11 of them with an investment volume of more than one billion rubles each,” said the head of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov.

The Tolyatti bypass with a bridge over the Volga is a large-scale infrastructure project that will give a huge boost to the development of the region’s economy.

Comfortable conditions for everyone.

Currently, 81 companies are located in the state industrial and logistics parks of the region. In 2023 alone, 9 companies decided to settle here. And since the beginning of 2024, similar agreements have been closed with six more investors. In 2023, 6 new residents were attracted to the Togliatti SEZ, and in total 36 residents are successfully working in the SEZ and 19 production facilities were organized on the SEZ site. Residents invested 32.8 billion rubles.

In September, the SEZ began the first stage of oil production at the Togliatti food processing plant. The plant is designed to process 600 thousand tons of oilseeds per year. In the first stage of the project, 15 billion rubles were invested. The general director of the plant noted that the choice of the Samara region as a location was determined, among other things, by the support of the authorities and the conditions created for investors.

Investors from the most diverse business sectors feel comfortable in the region. Thus, in 2023 a plant for the production of reinforced concrete structures “Energobeton” was put into operation on the territory of the Chapaevsk industrial park and a regional distribution center of the X5 Group was opened in the Preobrazhenka 2 logistics park.

The opening ceremony of the logistics complex took place in April 2024 with the participation of the head of the region. Multi-temperature warehouse with a total area of ​​73 thousand square meters. m will serve not only the Samara region, but also several regions of the Volga Federal District. The construction of the facility attracted more than 3.5 billion rubles of investment and will create more than 1,300 new jobs for residents of the region.

“The region shows faster rates of development, even in comparison with the average figures of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. We do not intend to reduce this pace in the future. Of course, we will once again create conditions for investments to come to our region, which means that new companies will open,” said Governor Dmitri Azarov at the inauguration of the X5 Group distribution center.

“The inauguration of this complex confirms that in the shortest possible time modern, large-scale projects can be launched in the industrial and logistics park areas. The regional team does everything possible to ensure that investors choose the Samara region, trust it and work in comfortable conditions,” noted the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the region, Dmitri Bogdanov.

In total, in the Samara region there are currently more than 250 projects in different stages of implementation with a total investment volume of 1.4 trillion rubles. The most important projects are being carried out in the chemical industry, the automotive industry, the aerospace sector, the food industry, logistics, agriculture and pharmacy. In 2024, it is planned to launch some 35 investment projects in various sectors.

Logistics bet

In the Samara region, special attention is paid to the development of logistics parks. The direction is not coincidental: the Volga region is the intersection of several optimal logistics routes and international transport corridors “North-South” and “West-East”. A favorable economic-geographical and transport position, the border with Kazakhstan, a developed transport infrastructure (roads, railways, waterways, airways) – all this allows the Samara region to continuously strengthen its position as the largest transport center and logistics of the country. The commissioning of a new highway and bridge over the Volga, which will become part of the international transport corridor to western China, will give a powerful boost to the region’s economy. A large-scale infrastructure project will be presented this year.

The favorable geographical position of the region determined the rapid development of the logistics sector.

In addition, logistics parks created in the region allow residents to receive areas equipped with the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure, supervision of regional authorities and economic preferences.

And companies understand this very well. The Russian Post logistics complex project has already been implemented on the territory of the region in the Preobrazhenka industrial park… In 2022, the Yandex.Market logistics center will be opened. 350 thousand square meters were built on the territory of the park. m of warehouse space, whose tenants are 38 companies, including Delovye Linii, Auchan, Vita, etc. A logistics center of the OZON company has been operating on the territory of the Chapaevsk industrial park since 2022. The Wildberries logistics complex is being built on the territory of the Novosemeikino logistics park.

The total volume of extra-budgetary investments for the creation and development of large logistics projects in the parks of the Samara region currently amounts to 24.3 billion rubles.


What does the status of resident of the Tolyatti SEZ provide?

Land with connected public service networks, all necessary infrastructure, tax benefits for up to 10 years, customs free zone regime, administrative support, convenient logistics, project support, possibility of construction of buildings by the management company, capacity reduce logistics costs. bringing production closer to sales markets.

Industrial and logistics parks “Preobrazhenka”, “Chapaevsk”, “Togliatti”, “Novosemeikino” and “Preobrazhenka 2”:

Engineering and transport infrastructure, leasing of land with the option to purchase, maintenance of infrastructure by a management company, preferential taxation, support of the project at all stages by the authorities.

Technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”:

Developed infrastructure, laboratory and production facilities, exhibition and conference halls. Consulting, information and engineering support, participation in exhibitions, assistance in registering intellectual property objects. Technopark is a regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation and a regional partner of the ANO Agency for Technological Development; A regional representative of the Innovation Promotion Fund works in the technology park.


Investors choose

Following the results of SPIEF 2023, several agreements were signed between the Samara region and companies, the total investment volume of which amounted to more than 100 billion rubles. They are now being implemented successfully.

• Distribution center of the X5 group company at Preobrazhenka 2. The volume of investments exceeds 3.5 billion rubles. Opened in April 2024.

• Multi-temperature warehouse complex for wholesale and distribution trade at Preobrazhenka 2. The implementation period is the fourth quarter of 2025.

• Oil production plant

• LLC “Tolyatti Food Products Factory”. Opened in September 2023.

• Production of equipment for intelligent injection of oil and gas wells, implementation period – end of 2025.

• Liquefied natural gas production plant.


1.4 trillion rubles is the total investment in more than 250 projects currently being implemented in the Samara region.

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