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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Irina Shayk’s dress with a severed lion’s head caused a scandal: Creepy outfit scares

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:44:42

Top stylist Anvar Ochilov explained the significance of Irina Shayk’s scandalous outing in a lion-headed dress by Schiaparelli


It’s Paris Fashion Week. It started with a Schiaparelli brand show. It featured 32 very different images. But the output of models in the images of animals turned out to be scandalous. On the dresses and costumes, the heads of the animals are “situated” quite naturally, very similar to taxidermists’ stuffed animals. The brand has already said a hundred times that “no animals were harmed”, all materials are artificial. The brand’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry, said he was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, and the collection itself was called Inferno. Irina Shayk appeared on the podium as a lioness, Naomi Campbell as a wolf and Shalom Harlow as a snow leopard. Each animal personifies the three most powerful passions: voluptuousness, pride and greed. Neither animal rights activists nor millions of social media users appreciated the trendy idea. Opinions were divided. We understand the nuances of outrageous high fashion.

It’s Paris Fashion Week. It started with a Schiaparelli brand show.


The best stylist Anvar Ochilov explained the designer’s idea to KP.RU: “I saw this show. A beautiful and elegant show that had many different beautiful looks. The designer emphasized not killing animals, not using their skin as clothing, outerwear. This is a demonstration that there is a way out – you can solve any problem, create an artificial analogue of any fur clothing. Even so naturalistic. In addition to creative fashion ideas, there were two tasks. First: to emphasize beautifully: it is not necessary to kill animals to use them, now with the help of modern technologies you can solve any problem. Second: declare out loud that animals also want to live. And the brand coped with these tasks: it drew attention to the problem, after such an application and discussion, big brands should not have a desire to make clothes from natural animal fur, and people should not wear it. This movement is not new. Right now you can organize an action of any event. The well-known defender of Amur tigers, Leonardo DiCaprio, once appeared on the cover of a magazine with a swan around his neck, and then caused a storm of positive emotions … Now, probably, the reaction could be unpredictable.

Irina Shaik


After a high-profile show, the emotions of fashion are different for everyone. Industry professionals support the brand, some active users of social networks do not skimp on insults, animal rights activists are shocked, the opinions of the stars are divided.

Our celebrities with “high fashionista” status also shared their thoughts on Telegram channels. Ksenia Sobchak is closely following what is happening and she liked it: “Schiaparelli opens the haute couture fashion week in Paris. Beautiful as always, but this time even a bit in the “animal world”. Lion-headed Irina! (here Sobchak put an approval badge – approx. Auth.) And with the release of Naomi, you can remember the whole book of quotes about wolves.

Naomi Campbell


Yana Rudkovskaya herself is at the epicenter of fashion events: the producer is now in Paris: “But Kylie Jenner took a big risk. her (she was a guest of the show and she completely repeated the image of the lioness Irina Shayk-approx. Auth.). Despite the fact that in the post there is almost no caps lock after each written word “artificial, artificial, artificial”. The reference of this outfit remains obvious: they are not artificial safari hunter trophies. What will animal rights advocates say? In the comments, people are already writing that this is not cool, even if it’s not real, and what’s wrong with you, dear Kylie? I agree. It doesn’t look like something artificial, for me too that fashion is on the verge. I don’t know about you, but it’s like the Robert Patisson skirt: nobody liked it, but everyone wrote about it!

Kylie Jenner


The brand attracted a lot of attention and it is obvious that the entire collection (with the exception of the scarecrows made for the show) will spread very quickly through the wardrobes of wealthy fashionistas. And industry representatives continue to argue: does this scandal mean that now designers should abandon bold ideas in favor of the general public, which can be offended not only by obvious prohibited motives, but also interpret any bold move in its own way? It should be noted that in 2019, for the haute couture collection, this brand ordered hats in the form of the heads of dogs, panthers, flamingos and other animals from the famous hatter Stephen Jones. The models then wore these artificial stuffed animals on their heads and no one paid attention to them.

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