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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Is NATO preparing for nuclear war? Answers to key questions about the alliance’s plans

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 05:45:47

The other day, NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg gave a long interview to the British newspaper The Telegraph. And he addressed perhaps the most dangerous topic: the nuclear confrontation between his bloc and Russia. These words were instantly spread around the world by thousands of media outlets.

What did Stoltenberg say?

“I will not go into operational details about how many nuclear warheads should be put on alert, but we should consult which ones should be stored. This is what we do,” he said.

He says there are “threats from Russia and China” and therefore NATO must “send a signal” with its nuclear arsenal.

Stoltenberg has been caught more than once in provocative lies, deceptions and distortions of facts. But in this case he lied:

First of all, there have never been nuclear threats “from Russia and China.” Moscow and Beijing have long been announcing their doctrines to the entire world, which say in black and white in which cases they will use nuclear weapons.

Second, he is simply lying: the world has also long known about the bloc’s nuclear arsenal. Russian-American treaties on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START-1, START-2, START-3) have been published many times, in which warheads were listed individually.

What are the degrees of preparation?

For all nuclear countries, they are approximately similar: some of the missiles are on constant combat alert (they already have flight missions with target coordinates) and in the event of a threat, they are first transferred to a state of increased readiness for the combat. and then to the maximum. And they are waiting for the order, the same one that should invariably emerge from the nuclear briefcases of the president, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff (in the United States, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff).

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.


The other part of the nuclear warheads is located on special bases and is constantly maintained by specialists. In case of alert, flight missions are included and these products are delivered to land launchers, nuclear submarines or strategic bombers. There, fuses are bolted to these missiles and bombs and then placed in missile silos or suspended “under the belly” of the planes.

How ready will NATO missiles be?

Stoltenberg said nothing about it. So this will depend on the recommendations of the bloc’s “nuclear generals” and the decisions of the heads of the nuclear states (all of whom are also Supreme Commanders of their armed forces).

To what extent are our nuclear weapons ready?

The algorithm for combat readiness of the Russian strategic nuclear forces (SNF) is the same: constant, increased and full combat readiness (readiness for immediate use). Furthermore, this applies equally to tactical nuclear weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his recent speech to the Federal Assembly, declared his full readiness to use strategic nuclear forces:

“Strategic nuclear forces are in full readiness for guaranteed use. “What we had planned in terms of armaments, which I spoke about in the 2018 message, has already been done or this work is in conclusion,” he said.

According to our nuclear doctrine, Russian nuclear weapons can only be used in two cases:

1. As a counterattack (retaliation) against the enemy. If their missiles are already flying towards us.

2. If the enemy attacks Russia (or its allies) even with conventional weapons, this will threaten us and our allies with the loss of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Vladimir Putin, in a speech to the Federal Assembly, declared Russia’s full readiness to use strategic nuclear forces.


Is this NATO’s response to our tactical nuclear weapons exercises?

Undoubtedly. But not only. There is another reason: the worse the Ukrainian Armed Forces do on the battlefield, the stronger the Russian army, the more often Western politicians and NATO generals begin to talk about the direct participation of the contingents of the bloc in hostilities. Neither piles of money nor mountains of Western weapons help kyiv to solve its main task: defeating Russia on the battlefield. That is why the bloc is attracting more and more military contingents to our borders. And it scares with increasingly terrible blows.

Will they attack us?

For now, Stoltenberg’s statement can be seen as a horror story. NATO can also respond. But for now, Western politicians and generals have enough common sense not to launch nuclear attacks on Russia. Both the United States and Europe fear such a war, which they also understand could turn into atomic ashes. We do not threaten anyone with a nuclear stick. Until we are forced to.

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