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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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It has become easier for older employees to find work KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 14:04:13

Research conducted by the recruitment service Rabota.ru suggests that bosses value responsibility, the qualifications of such employees, and also the fact that older people do not demand too much wages. The latest thesis is confirmed by Natalya Loktyukhina, a leading researcher at the Center for Social Finance of the Financial Research Institute.

According to the associate professor of the basic department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation “Human Resource Management” of the Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanov Farida Mirzabalaeva, new trends are observed in the labor market. One of them is a more active recruitment of workers from older age groups and women. “The second is the growth of temporary, part-time employment. This can be explained by the temporary absence of employees who have been mobilized or have left the workplace and the growth of manual labor. Given the replacement of import substitution and the restrictions on the importation of new technologies, there is a great need to repair existing products and components, and in this case the experience of the older groups of the population is very important,” he explains. the expert.

“Research conducted by Rosstat shows that the lack of skilled workers is becoming one of the key factors holding back the development of the economy. Thus, in construction, the shortage of personnel has become the third most important factor that limits production, along with inflation and taxes,” says Aleksey Zubets, director of the Social Economic Research Institute of the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation. Furthermore, he adds, for demographic reasons, the total labor force in the Russian Federation is declining. “Companies are forced to look for additional pools of workers among employees in the older age groups,” says Zubets.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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