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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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It is cheaper to go to the movies: How much have the prices of gifts risen for March 8 and which are the most budgetary

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 21:48:07

While the girl is not married, she receives any gift as her income. And becoming a wife is like squandering the family budget.


There is an old joke. As long as the girl is not married, she perceives any gift as her income. And becoming a wife is like squandering the family budget. In general, it would be necessary on the eve of March 8 to talk about love, and we in the economics department, like eternally dissatisfied wives, count all the money. But where without him?

So this time we decided to find out how the most popular gifts of the year have risen in price, if we take from the beginning of March 2022 to the beginning of March 2023. We studied the Rosstat data and here are the three “gifts”, the prices of which they have shot up more during the year.

1. Travel abroad. Those who decided to take their chosen one abroad in honor of the holiday will receive the strongest blow to the wallet. For example, to Turkey – such a trip will cost more than twice as much as a year ago (for details, see “Only numbers”).

2. Perfumes and cosmetics. All this has risen in price by a third on average.

3. Chocolates and other sweets – plus 20% per year. Which is almost twice the average official inflation – let’s remember that it amounted to 11.9% in the year.

In general, judging by official statistics, it is best to go to the cinema – this pleasure has hardly changed in price over the year.

If we ignore Rosstat and look at the actual costs? MTS-Bank experts studied customer spending and found out: the cost of clothing on the eve of the holiday increased by more than 50% (compared to the end of February – beginning of March last year). And the cost of buying jewelry and going to a restaurant increased by 40%. It is speculated that this is due to the lower availability of other pleasures. My dear, why do we need such an Antalya? Here is a blouse for you!

And according to the “Check Index” resource, in late February and early March we began to buy tickets to theaters, museums and exhibitions 70% more frequently, and perfume sales shot up 35%. This compares to the same period last year. But if the average check for the cultural program of the year increased, then for the spirits it fell. So men are obviously saving money by choosing cheaper perfumes.


So the traditional gifts for March 8 have risen in price throughout the year

Romantic trip to Turkey +107%

Chocolates and sweets +20%

Perfumes, cosmetics +30%

Jewelry +16%

Saucepan* +13%

Romantic trip to Russia +13%

Flowers +10%

Champagne +9%

Dinner in restaurant +9%

Clothes, underwear +8%

Go to the theater +7%

Stuffed animals +5%

Go to the cinema +1%

* Giving without prior approval is not recommended as it can be dangerous to life and health.

According to Rostat.


Price increase to 3000 rubles. Bouquet prices will increase by 10-12% before March 8 (more)

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