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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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“It is not about politics, but about human baseness”: why her colleagues stopped greeting Leah Akhedzhakova

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:37:18

Sobbing Akhedzhakova “not many sympathized

Photo: Mila Strizh

Akhedzhakova, 84, said on the air of the YouTube program “Bureau” that her friends stopped communicating with her. The other day she met in the theater (by the way, contrary to rumors, Akhedzhakov is not in Israel, but in Moscow) with the artist Alexander Berda, with whom she has been working in Sovremennik for many years. And she didn’t even greet me.

“I say:” Sasha, don’t you say hello to me? And she told me: “I’m not going to greet you!” the actress told reporters. These words bothered her a lot: she used to be friends with Alexander and helped him when she got sick and was in the hospital, she annoyed the doctors. Out of resentment, Akhedzhakova burst into tears. And in general, Liya Medzhidovna admitted, she has been crying a lot lately.

Not many sympathized with the “sobbing Akhedzhakova.” Social media users have been embarrassed by her statements, which are often embarrassing. And in general, in vain, the actress gets into politics, in which she does not understand anything. KP.RU called Alexandra Berda to find out: “Why are you offending the people’s artist?”

“Akhedzhakova knows very well why I don’t greet her or communicate with her,” says Berda. – Since she endured fights from the cabin, I will explain. She gave the occasion not now, but two years ago, when she wrote an “open letter” to Garmash…

… It is worth reminding the readers of KP.RU the story of two years ago. In the summer of 2020, at a closed-door meeting of the Sovremennik, Sergei Garmash addressed the troupe: he criticized the then artistic director Viktor Ryzhakov, calling his appointment “catastrophic for future theater” (by the way, Ryzhakov was removed from his post six months ago), slammed the door and left “contemporary”. After that, Akhedzhakova (she defended Ryzhakov) wrote an open letter to Garmash, ending with the words: “Seryozha, my only advice to you is to try not to drink, it destroys personality.” Her letter immediately spread across the Web. And if only her colleagues and her relatives knew about the weaknesses of the People’s Artist, Akhedzhakova denounced him before the whole world.

Since then, I have not spoken to her. She tags everyone: that’s her informant, and that’s a scammer, says Alexander Berda. – But he does not notice anything of the sort behind him, although he is a master of the “artistic coup”. When he talks about colleagues in public, he is disgusting.

By the way, she did not go to the hospital to see me, although in fact I asked her to call the head doctor. She said that she called, but did not communicate: the head doctor did not answer the phone …

Leah and I were friends, we talked a lot, we played together in performances, this is true.

Now she is attracting ideology, allegedly, I stopped greeting her because of politics, because of her position in the NVO in Ukraine. This is not true. It is not about politics, not about her civic position, but about human pettiness. She publicly insulted our colleague, my comrade. That’s why I lost respect for him.


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