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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Ivan Urgant addressed the fans with a sad statement

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:26:54

TV presenter Ivan Urgant

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Ivan Urgant addressed the fans. He announced the sudden cancellation of the concert in Moscow. The showman urged people not to get upset after the sad news.

Ivan Urgant made a statement on behalf of Grisha Urgant, the star’s alter ego. He said that his performance was scheduled for October 14, 2022 in one of the Moscow clubs. But then there was a message about the transfer to February.

And now it became known that this time the show will not take place. Grigory Urgant’s official appeal to listeners and viewers: “Dear audience, the concert on February 2 is canceled. Which, of course, came as a complete surprise to everyone,” said Ivan.

The showman urged the audience “not to give in to panic and despondency and to wait in an organized manner for the next concert.” “Love, Grisha,” added Urgant.

Note that this is not the first time the artist’s performance has been cancelled. Previously, the fairy tale “The Incident in the Country of Multi-Pulti” with the participation of the artist was taken off the air.

In addition, the showman was removed from the hosts of a large party in Moscow a day before the event. A little earlier, he did not appear in the “Golden Gramophone”. The organizers replaced him with another artist. Since 2008, he has become the entertainer of the Golden Gramophone 13 times.

And even earlier, the co-producer of the Yolki-9 series, Evgeny Kulik, said that he decided to rewrite the story and get rid of many of his favorite characters. He removed Urgant from the project, in which he had been shooting since 2010. “We wrote voluminous stories in which professional actors should act. I think that Ivan Urgant and Sergey Svetlakov would not have coped with this. Ivan himself said in Evening Urgant that he would not he was an actor and that his maximum were New Year’s comedies”, he explained. the former KVNschik.

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