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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Ivan Urgant broke the silence and announced the postponement of the concerts: “This is due to unforeseen circumstances”

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 12:50:50

Ivan Urgant

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner canceled performances. The Friends-TV presenters were supposed to perform on February 23 in Cyprus, on February 26 in Dubai. There were many rumors about the cancellation of the Posner and Urgant trips. The format of the concert is communication with Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant, their reflections and travel stories, answers to questions from the audience.

On February 25, Ivan Urgant announced his version of the cancellation: “Vladimir Vladimirovich and I had to postpone the performances to October for very good reasons. Do not believe those who claim that these are the machinations of enemies, this is due to purely personal unforeseen circumstances. For all those who do not give up tickets and come, Pozner will personally read aloud from his book “Farewell to Illusions” from beginning to end. The rest of the program has not changed: acrobatic studies, tricks with vanishing, sale of bioadditives in the lobby.

While Urgant is joking, Dubai bloggers are reporting that people are actively selling tickets; there are enough options on where to go in those parts. They write that the performances were canceled at the initiative of Posner: after provocative posts by bloggers and the media about the event, he feared that a provocation would be arranged right in the hall.

The concert itself was supposed to last 120 minutes. The minimum ticket price in Dubai is 12 thousand rubles.

Stars fly to Dubai to regularly earn money: on February 26, Yegor Creed sings, on March 8, Olga Buzova, Leonid Agutin and Mot. There are many places – clubs and restaurants for the wealthy public, where tickets start from 20 thousand rubles. Fees of large artists – 4 million, the smallest – 2 million. However, the concert by foreign agent Morgenstern* was canceled due to low ticket sales. Sales of a musical performance with the participation of Chulpan Khamatova are also going poorly so far.

* The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Morgenstern in the list of foreign individuals-agents.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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