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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Ivan Urgant tenderly congratulated the love of his life on his birthday

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 13:41:14

Ivan Urgent.


Ivan Urgant posted a rare photo of his wife on social networks. The TV presenter tenderly congratulated her chosen one on her birthday, publicly confessing her love to her. In the picture, the showman’s wife Natalya Kiknadze poses on the sofa with a glass of wine in her hands. A guitar is seen behind her, as well as a socket on the wall.

“Everything I love! Natasha, guitar and electricity! Happy birthday my love,” Ivan wrote.

Ivan Urgant posted a rare photo of his wife on social networks. Photo: social networks.

This year Urgant and Kiknadze celebrated the 17th anniversary of family life. They can be called one of the most exemplary pairs in the Russian show business. Natalya is Ivan’s classmate, they studied together in the gymnasium of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. At that time, the couple had only friendly relations, but ten years after graduation, Urgant and Kiknadze met again and began an affair. So Natalia married and raised two children from her first husband.

Now the showman says that he does not represent another woman at his side. Ivan raised Natalia’s daughter Erica as her own. The girl’s biological father is businessman Teimuraz Kutalia. Erika met Urgant when she was five years old. Since then, the showman considers her her daughter.

– Erica, meet Vanya! We were going to school together… A five-year-old girl in red stockings looked at me carefully and suddenly held my hand tightly. 16 years have passed. The love for red continues to grow. Vanya became a dad. And she never let go of my hand, ”Iván said on social networks.

In the showman’s marriage, two daughters were born: Nina and Valeria. Leroux is named after Ivan’s mother, actress Valeria Kiseleva. The second daughter of the TV presenter Nina received a name in honor of the famous grandmother of the showman, the star of the film “Belarusian Station” by Soviet actress Nina Urgant. Nina Nikolaevna passed away in December 2021, she was 92 years old.

“My mother was an actress. She completely selflessly loved her profession, the theater, colleagues. She called everyone, she congratulated, helped, consoled and treated. She didn’t have pierced ears, for example. And yet she didn’t curse. Absolutely. She did not utter a single, not so obscene, in general, a single bad word. Forever. When we returned from her funeral eight years ago, we found out that Natasha was expecting a baby. Then another Valeria Ivanovna appeared. That she three days ago she was piercing his ears, yelling on occasion ”F***! ”and she starts laughing terribly… But I still see her mother in her,” Urgant said.

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