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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Job is left only to the defender as there is no vacancy problem in Spain

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 20:13:03

“It is evident that there are thousands of unfilled positions, so the Government’s priority is going to be to increase employability and improve salary conditions,” said the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration this Thursday at a breakfast when mentioning the Spain’s need to attract foreign talent to sustain the welfare system. Elma Saiz spoke directly to business owners to demand that they collaborate when it comes to offering migrants training opportunities and also professional development, but without doubting that there is a problem in incorporating labor into some economic sectors.

The socialist thus follows in the footsteps of her predecessor in office, José Luis Escrivá, who showed his willingness last summer to facilitate the arrival of foreign workers to fill positions in construction, transportation or hospitality and modified the requirements for roots by training, approved in July 2022, against the criteria of the unions and the Ministry of Labor. The portfolio headed by Yolanda Díaz systematically denies that there is a vacancy problem in Spain, that is, that there are vacancies that are not filled due to a shortage of labor and they attribute the difficulties in making new hires to the conditions or salary that It is offered for certain jobs.

The Labor team uses data from the National Statistics Institute to deny that the private sector has problems when hiring. At the end of 2023 there were 139,300 unfilled jobs in Spain, according to the Labor Cost Survey (ETCL), which would place the rate below 1% compared to the Netherlands or Germany, which are close to 4%. However, the increase that this indicator has experienced in the last two years is significant, of more than 30,000 vacancies, and has become one of the factors that most concern employers, according to the different surveys published by employers’ associations. integrated into CEOE, ATA and Cepyme periodically.

This week the Bank of Spain echoed these business sentiments in the chapter of its annual report aimed at the labor market. “Regular surveys carried out on companies, by both the European Commission and the Bank of Spain, show that the lack of labor is perceived by companies as one of the factors that limit their productive activity” explains the supervisor. banking, 42.5% of companies referred to this problem in the survey carried out by the BdE in 2023. The body supervised by Pablo Hernández de Cos admits the statistical difficulty of measuring vacant positions but points out that “there are indications of a shortage of supply of work in various sectors of activity”.

This process is not exclusive to Spain, but throughout Europe there has been an increase in the number of job offers that remain vacant while the unemployment rate has been reduced, currently at 6%, as the employers have pointed out. Business Europe. On the other hand, the situation in our country is particular because employers argue that they have more and more problems recruiting workers while the unemployment rate remains at around 12%, at the top of the 27. In the absence of knowing the data of According to the EPA for the first quarter, the number of unemployed is at 2008 values, which has led some organizations to talk about this being the threshold of structural unemployment; in the face of the Government’s intention to reach full employment.

Precisely, this places the country in a dilemma, since, on the one hand, the Ministry of Social Security trusts in foreign workers to solve the labor problem and, at the same time, sustain the pension system. Saiz is finalizing a reform of the Immigration Regulation that he wants to approve before the summer, to include the transposition of the single permit and long-term residence directives to contribute to this objective. But on the other hand, just a few weeks ago the International Monetary Fund announced that the reduction in unemployment will not be as positive as the Executive had anticipated due to the increase in the active population, which is largely explained by the arrival of immigrants, as well as than the rise in the number of employed workers.

This evolution could mean that younger workers, including foreigners, would fill the demand for unfilled work referred to by companies, which ranges from very manual to highly qualified positions; At the same time, there would persist a pool of workers who are unable to engage in the labor market due to the disconnect between the skills they have and those demanded by the market. In this task, experts point out the role of public employment services as key, however, the training offered by the SEPE does not cover the standards of entrepreneurs and the unemployed, while the reform included in the Employment Law that must be specified in The Spanish Employment Agency is still pending.

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