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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Journalist Sergei Ptichkin: on how real the F-16 fighters in Ukraine look and what it is stuffed with – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 01:59:46

I must say right away: it is quite real. In addition, there were reports that the training of Ukrainian pilots for these fighters had already begun. Some of our experts are sure that the idea to re-equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO combat aircraft will come to nothing. Unfortunately, it could work. The F-16s themselves will not be mastered by flight school cadets, but, most likely, by pilots who flew MiG-29s and other Soviet-made fighters. And in terms of flight characteristics, the F-16 is similar to the MiG-29. An experienced Ukrainian pilot will be able to master the American fighter quite quickly, especially taking into account simulator training.

There will be no problems with maintenance either, especially since NATO specialists will definitely be involved in this matter. The base will not become a problem either – the F-16 will be deployed in the western regions of Ukraine, where entire airfields remain. The fact that F-16s need almost perfect rails for takeoff and landing is not entirely true – these fighters are generally unpretentious.

It is worth repeating that if the F-16s appear in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then there will be no special problems with their development, but with combat use – a big question. First of all, for our army.

Of course, things are unlikely to come to air battles. And for our air defense, American fighters will become a tasty target. Especially for anti-aircraft missile units of the ground forces. Magnificent, without exaggeration, the F-16 electronic warfare system will not save. But, nevertheless, the American “hawks”, if they are received by Kyiv, will fly in the NVO zone, despite the risk.

We will face a versatile fighter capable of hitting air, ground and surface targets. It is well armed, has a built-in six-barreled 20mm cannon with 511 rounds of ammunition. And nine suspension points under the fuselage and wings, on which various types of missiles, bombs and weapons containers can be placed. The fact that the range of these fighters when flying at extremely low altitudes exceeds 1,200 kilometers should be cause for concern. Look at the map of Ukraine and admit that it is a lot.

And one more, main and most dangerous feature – the F-16 is built into a single information field: it receives data about its flight and all possible targets – air and ground – from space, from AWACS aircraft, drones and outposts. ground observation. In order to blind the American “hawk”, you need to blind the entire reconnaissance and guidance system. Otherwise, the F-16 will be a very unpleasant novelty for us in the NWO zone.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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