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Friday, September 22, 2023
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JSC “RES” continues the cycle of educational excursions in honor of the 90th anniversary of the power grid – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:59:41

One of the main events aimed at the younger generation is a series of educational excursions to electrical installations. It began in June in Novosibirsk, where excursions for the children of employees of the group of companies were held in various places, in fact, repeating the path of electricity – from generation to distribution. We continue at the end of June already on the basis of the branch of JSC “RES” “Cherepanovskiye Electric Networks”, where they held an event for schoolchildren in grades 5-7 of secondary school N3 in Cherepanovo.

At the end of July, the baton of the excursion program was collected at the branch of JSC “RES” “Karasuk Electric Networks”, which this year also celebrated its anniversary – 55 years. Students from Karasuk Region Lyceum No. 176 came to visit electrical engineers. After the informative talk on safety and labor protection, the group set out on the route. The museum of the history of the branch was the first to open its doors. With great interest, the guys examined rare exhibits – various devices, equipment, technical means that have long ceased to be used by electrical engineers.

In the building of the operational dispatch service, the attention of the children was drawn to the mnemonic diagram of the operational electrical lines and substations located in the area of ​​​​responsibility of the branch. The main dispatcher told in detail what the colored wires and light bulbs on the stand mean, and also shared the prospects for development: this stand will soon go digital, it will be replaced by huge TV monitors.

As part of the tour, a group of high school students also visited a technical classroom and a laboratory building. There they were explained and shown in an accessible and at the same time professional way where the electricity comes from, how it is transmitted through the lines and how the voltage is transformed. Answered the most frequently asked questions, incl. why electric current does not kill birds when they perch on wires, why it is dangerous for a person to touch wires.

Photo: JSC RES

The guys not only understood the theory, but also tried in practice to prove the image of an electrical engineer, in the truest sense of the word. At the personal protective equipment expo, they enthusiastically donned the gear: a hard hat, protective visors, dielectric boots and gloves, heat-resistant coveralls, and manholes. And, of course, photographed for the memory. At the training stands, the children tried to turn on and off switches and connections on their own, at the training ground they studied with interest the training exhibits of transformer installations, and in the workshop they watched how various designs are made using plasma cutting and a metal bending press, incl. pole transformer substations.

At the end of the excursions, the participants received souvenirs and a group photo as a keepsake. Thanks to these events, dozens of children received a lot of interesting and informative information, and many became so interested in the profession of electrical engineering that they immediately asked where to go to study in order to work at the company in the future.

The press release has been prepared by the press service of RES JSC

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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