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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Justice, Labor, Social Security… the labor conflict passes to the public sector

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 03:11:16

Just a few days after the demonstrations for Labor Day, employers and unions signed the V Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining that put an end to more than a year of talks, in which the Government approved the second part of the reform of pensions and the rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) without the support of employers, which ended various frictions. In this case, both parties at the social dialogue table focused on highlighting the work of collective bargaining in line with the constitutional mandate and avoiding any type of photograph in which representatives of the Executive Branch could be included, unlike in 2018. , when former ministers Fátima Báñez and Magdalena Valerio were present at the signing.

The Publication of the Framework Agreement, Which Will Serve as a Reference for the Application of Improvements by 2025, the Regulation of Teleworking or the Introduction of Del Del Del Del Derech or Digital Disconnection in Collective Agreements in the Private Sector, Has Conflicted Labor Conflict in the within the Public Administration and with the beginning of the electoral cycle. Union representatives of public workers had been warning for years about the pressing lack of human resources in the majority of public sector payrolls, given the lack of generational replacement that has occurred throughout the period of cuts and an increase in the volume of information to manage, as is the case of Social Security. In this area, CCOO estimates that more than 85% of workers are over 50 years of age.

Partial strikes at the Social Security offices

On May 11, CSIF and CCOO called partial strikes every Friday at the Social Security offices and the first strike in history for September 7, denouncing a “lack of will” by the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá to apply solutions. The insufficiency of personnel in this body had become evident to citizens who found it increasingly difficult to get an appointment in which to manage their application for retirement or the Minimum Vital Income (IMV). A problem that the opposition, and specifically the Popular Party, has repeatedly echoed during the government control sessions in the Congress of Deputies and that led the portfolio to reserve a percentage of attention without a prior appointment. Sources from the Ministry privately admitted the need to incorporate workers into these templates, but pointed to an intense negotiation with the Ministry of Finance and Public Function so that it ‘gives its arm to twist’.

For the workers’ representatives, the agreement with the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations had to include a significant reinforcement of personnel to compensate for the retirements that occurred in recent years and draw up a plan for those that were going to be implemented in the next decade. However, after the threat of a strike, the pact was achieved in record time with the promise of incorporating 2,500 troops through a public job offer and making the positions of another 1,025 workers incorporated as reinforcement for the management of the IMV. Which leaves a balance of 3,525 new officials. In addition, you will be able to enjoy two days of teleworking from 2024 and a calendar of meetings has been scheduled in which an incentive program will be studied.

Glimpse of agreement at the table of Justice

The last year has been difficult for the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, who, beyond the shadows cast on her administration for the reform and the ‘only yes is yes’ law, has had to face two protests, first from lawyers and after judges and prosecutors who have clogged the courts of the entire country. After an intense negotiation process, the proposal presented by the Ministry of Justice last Thursday convinced six of the seven associations of judges and prosecutors, while the Professional Association of the Magistracy (APM) -conservative and oritarian- assured that the last role was not “satisfactory”.

The Government put on the table a package of 46.7 million euros, which implies an increase of 450 euros per month for each professional, an increase of 200 places in these races, an increase in the destination supplement and the creation of a dialogue table that will meet annually. The Ministry of Justice has expressed its willingness for the APM to also join the agreement that will be signed on Tuesday as expected, as the Association of Prosecutors and the Francisco de Vitoria Judicial Association have already done, which despite estimating that it was not the “desired” pact, they appealed to “institutional responsibility”. However, the indefinite strike that began on Monday the 22nd has been called off. Once the signature has been staged, the text will be approved by the Council of Ministers.

The salary increase equals that obtained by the Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ) in March, who now reproach the Ministry for the best treatment offered to judges and prosecutors and demand that they be returned the salary corresponding to the days that there was a strike , since he “opened the door for others at the cost of their salaries.” Apart from these demands, other negotiations within the portfolio remain pending, such as that of the officials in which the unions have decided to leave the table.

Labor inspectors in ‘war’ against Diaz

The unions of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate (ITSS) have called partial stoppages and a strike between June 26 and 30 that do not rule out that it could become indefinite if there is no reinforcement of “staff and means”. The seven union associations with representation in this body of officials denounce that the agreement reached with the Ministry of Labor in July 2021 has not been implemented. As explained by the spokespersons, the organizations are finalizing a complaint that they concluded in the International Labor Organization (ILO) against the portfolio of Yolanda Díaz, for breaching this pact.

Union against the Government for failing to comply with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan in this matter. However, from the Ministry they influence the increase in the budget allocated by the State to the ITSS -40% since 2020- and appeal to the incorporation of 200 workers of auxiliary personnel to stop the previous threat of strike and recall that it has been doubled the number of places offered with respect to the previous public call. And they guarantee that the 2021 text will be applied in the agreed terms.

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