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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Justice officials require Llop to negotiate as with judges and prosecutors

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:30:22

The officials of the administration of Justice, which began an indefinite strike on Monday to demand labor and salary improvements, have urged the ministries of Justice and the Treasury and Public Function to negotiate after having reached an agreement, which they will sign on Tuesday, with judges and prosecutors. Specifically, the dialogue has been broken between both parties since April 24. After a month of specific strikes, during a centenary-long concentration of officials before the Treasury, the CSIF, STAJ, CCOO and UGT unions have demanded that both Ministries put an end to what they consider a “tease” and that they sit down negotiate a salary increase and the content of the Organic Law of Organizational Efficiency (LOEO).

Specifically, public workers request between 350 and 430 gross euros more per month for the 45,000 civil servants called to strike, mostly workers from the Management, Processing and Judicial Assistance bodies, but also forensic doctors and special bodies from the Institute National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences. Regarding the reform of the LOEO, they indicate, “it is a cut in jobs, a restructuring that will hinder mobility and professional promotion, and also a cut in salaries.”

For this reason, as the “heart of the administration of Justice”, they ask to negotiate its content before it is approved at the table of Congress, “probably next month”, considering that it does not adapt to the reality of the courts.

The representative of Comisiones Obreras, Javier Hernández, in reference to the agreement with the judicial lawyers and that will be signed tomorrow with judges and prosecutors: “We trust that the Ministry (of Justice) is democratic in the strict sense of the word (… It is absolutely not tolerable that the Ministry of Justice gives favorable treatment to the elite bodies of the administration of Justice with negotiations that are inappropriate for a progressive government,” he argued.

Hernández, who has branded this behavior as “classist”, has reiterated that the unions will only suspend the mobilizations if the Government presents a “solid” proposal, which includes the negotiation of the LOEO, the selection of their functions and an economic offer that has “much to do” with that of lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

“Trials are being suspended en masse”

The CSIF Justice coordinator in the Community of Madrid, Juan Carlos Ferreiro, lamented that “trials are being massively suspended, the processing of massive procedures is being delayed; we are talking about thousands -even millions- of paralyzed procedures and thousands of suspended trials, and what we are least interested in is causing that damage to the citizenry”.

The concentrations scheduled for the week before the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz and before the Ministry of Justice in San Bernardo have been suspended due to the electoral campaign, but on Thursday a “massive” demonstration is planned in Madrid until the Public Function on Santa Engracia street. The unions consider that it is an “excuse” to “restrict the right to demonstrate” and a “violation of rights.”

While the officials maintain their protest, this Tuesday the remuneration table will meet again at the headquarters of Justice to sign the agreement for a salary increase agreed with the majority of associations of judges and prosecutors, who will decide last week to call off the scheduled strike. The agreement, which has the opposition of the majority Professional Association of the Magistracy (APM), includes a salary increase of about 450 euros gross per month.

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