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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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K-fashion and Russian roots: the story of the creator and ideologue of the inni brand Nicolas Schitt

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 07:56:40

Born and raised in Paris, she has Russian roots. He worked at UNESCO, the embassy, ​​large international companies, where he implemented more than one ambitious project. And now he is launching a new one on the Russian market – the inni brand with a Korean accent. We spoke to Nicolas Shitta about what it’s like to absorb fashion and art aesthetics from childhood, how to combine management skills and creativity, and why all things Korean are so hot all over the world today.

creator and ideologue of the inni brand

– It’s all thanks to my mom, she worked in the fashion industry. And from a very early age I was surrounded by beautiful people, both externally and internally, creative. They amazed me with their freedom and how well they combine completely incompatible at first glance things, they know how to mix famous and nameless brands. The self-expression, freedom and style of these people inspired me. Gradually, I realized that logos and brands are not as important as the ability to convey the mood and your uniqueness through clothing, your individual style.

– Dedication and hard work. In my endeavors, I am used to always going to the end, stubbornly overcoming all challenges, and not giving up even if there are difficulties. And, of course, in spirit. I know how to communicate with people, hear and listen to them, I never build “boss – subordinate” boundaries. In order to achieve growth in the company, in addition to the main tasks set by management, communication with employees is important. Wherever I worked – at Decathlon, Yves Rocher – I always talked a lot with my subordinates, tried to understand which of them had which talent and helped them prove themselves in the company. Love for the product and love for people is the true secret of success.

— My love for fashion, travel and art. I visited South Korea right after the sensational series “The Squid Game” was released. This country is not like any other, it has its own identity. This is exactly what I liked. After returning home, I noticed that there is a growing interest in Korean content in Russia. And this applies not only to TV shows, music, cooking, but also to fashion. Personally, she answers me with her approach: attention to detail, precision, clarity, architecture, interesting accents that help to see the basics from a different angle. But I practically did not find Korean clothing brands here, they are presented very punctually. He wanted to acquaint the Russian consumer with Korean fashion on a larger scale. And when I decided to create a fashion brand that reflected my philosophy, I chose Korean designers as partners without hesitation. His approach and values ​​completely resonate with the inni brand. And the criteria for creating a product are very high, since there are many designers in Korea, and there is fierce competition between them.

— 02Armoire, Lamerei, Rookie-Bud, Love design, The Beiges, Bucks&Leather, Sara Valente, Reclow, Parsley and others. It is these manufacturers and their designers who offer the same iconic Korean design and the same European quality. We cooperate with many of them. The first inni collection is the result of a synthesis of the Korean conceptuality and our experience, taking into account the specificities of the Russian market.

– The basis of the Korean style is a combination of natural fabrics in natural shades, a game with length and volume. Koreans love eclecticism and provide the consumer with a wide variety. After all, we are all different: someone loves infantilism and experiments with the image of Lolita, someone prefers bright prints and neon colors, someone chooses capes, and someone is devoted to the classics. Korean masters in their collections are based on the basic principles of design. They honor national traditions and at the same time actively use innovative ideas.

— Every business begins with an idea, an investment and the formation of a professional team. In Russia, quality has always been valued in everything. Clothing is no exception. My task is to give our consumer the same Korean design, but in a high-quality European interpretation. We believe that clothing should emphasize individuality and reflect the mood of the here and now. Each girl will be able to tell her own story in the images of inni.

– The brand is close to the philosophy of “quiet luxury”, which is based on natural tones, classic silhouettes, premium quality. These clothes are ideally combined with other things in the wardrobe and make it easy to create new looks every time.

Korean designers create things that are both stylish and functional. These are clothes that emphasize femininity and inner strength. The designers start by choosing a theme for the collection and continue with the sketch. Everyone makes various sketches and prototypes, then samples are sewn. To make a piece of clothing, we usually do four or five different tests until we get the perfect fit. We work with production, which is located directly in Korea; this is the main value. It is controlled by our expert. Although the Koreans are very punctual in production, they meet all the requirements and strictly control the quality standards.

— The central image of inni is a pearl that symbolizes harmony and perfection. Our models help to reveal the different facets of each woman.

— The heroine inni is a modern business girl who follows trends and likes to wear unusual things. She is self-confident and lives an active cosmopolitan life. She adds an accent to every look, whether it’s a red lipstick or a bright graphic bag. Her closet has both staples and weekend looks that can impress at first sight. She skillfully plays with them and experiments every day. Our customers look for elaborate, functional pieces that are both beautiful and practical. They are women who care about the environment and want to have a positive impact in the world, so they are very selective in their choice of clothing and investments in their wardrobe.

“Our range includes classic dresses, elements of an office dress code, knitwear, trendy denim and an accessory line consisting of leather bags. This season we present you the latest midi denim skirts. They flatter your figure and are made from premium fabric, a true investment in your wardrobe. Also, you should come to us for stylish and functional lightweight windbreakers for cool summer nights. A variety of jean models, from classic to fashionable cargo, are also among the favourites. In the new season, we will delight our customers with handmade coats and perfect trench coats.

These two hypostases have always fought in me. At a certain period in my life, my pragmatic side won out. But, as time has shown, I have not strayed that far from creativity. At the same time, I know well what trading is and how it works. It would be foolish to start something beautiful and creative without obvious dividends: after all, we are talking about a business, not a hobby. Like any ambitious person, achievement is important to me. I am glad that my work has brought significant improvements to the companies in which I worked. I’m sure everything will work out this time.

The brand’s first boutique opened at the beginning of June and is located at AVIAPARK, 1st floor, red zone.

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