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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Kicks, fucks nurses, smokes in bed: something incredible happens to Mikheil Saakashvili in the clinic

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 22:18:27

The former president of Georgia began a hunger strike after breakfast and ended it before lunch


Mishiko Saakashvili, former President (Georgia) and former Governor (Odessa, Ukraine), whose trials cannot be completed in Georgia, has once again risen to the surface of the information field. He annoyed everyone in Tbilisi so much with his whims, tantrums and convulsions that the Georgian special prison service released part of the video recording of Saakashvili’s stay in the Vivamed private clinic, where he is being treated.

A wonderful sight, in the frame Mikhail Nikolozovich behaves like a capricious hysterical little boy who was refused to buy a toy in a children’s store. He kicks his legs while lying in a hospital bed, throws everything he can get his hands on to the nurses, defiantly slides to the floor on one side of the bed, then the other, so that his “exhausted” body of the employee from the clinic is lifted and replaced. And it is that, although at one point in the recording Saakashvili walks with the help of a walker, when he forgets about them, he moves quite normally without them. And how deftly he throws his legs over the chair when he sits down to smoke! As for exhaustion, then he, of course, he lost a little weight, but he doesn’t even look like a prisoner of Buchenwald. A healthy lifestyle and rejection of excesses, which he loved so much in freedom, probably affected his appearance. However, he did not get rid of all the excesses, he calmly smokes in the living room and even in bed.

It is true that members of the Saakashvili family and lawyers unanimously assure that Saakashvili is on the verge of death. They “found” 36 different serious and fatal diseases in him, including dementia and tuberculosis. The legend was supported by Mishiko himself, not writing to anyone, but French President Macron asking Emmanuel to save him. From dungeons and in general.

“I am dying, I have little time,” French media quoted selected passages from Saakashvili’s correspondence with Macron. – Toxicologists have come to the conclusion that I was poisoned in prison!

The story of “poisoning” is especially notable. Saakashvili was transferred to the Vivamed clinic on May 12 and it turns out that if he was poisoned, he happened there. But Saakashvili is clearly afraid to blame the clinic where he is – the patience of the doctors can burst, and on November 21 he declares: “My health is really deteriorating, and especially in the last two months, but I have never expressed suspicions to My lawyers who allegedly poisoned me The doctors of the “Vivamed” clinic are doing everything possible. We must trust the doctors and not politicize this issue too much. Once again I want to thank everyone.” And just yesterday, he brought up the subject of the poisoning again.

In Georgia, they were really worried after the lawyers and Mishiko said that traces of mercury and arsenic were found in his body, and the Georgia Ministry of Justice instructed the National Bureau of Forensic Sciences to check whether the prisoner was really poisoned. But Saakashvili refused to provide the biomaterials from him, which can only mean one thing: the patient is mercilessly faking.

Which, by the way, is confirmed by other frames from the same video recording, where Saakashvili eats soup with an enviable appetite. According to the Georgian authorities, the defendant eats “when he wants and what he wants”, while he refuses to follow the instructions of the doctors who treat him.

But the lawyers filed a motion to suspend the punishment and release Saakashvili to his health, and the Tbilisi City Court, which is considering the cases on the charges of Mishiko Nikolozovich, accepted the motion for consideration. The first meeting to consider the petition had to be postponed because Saakashvili remembered his favorite pastime: he went on a hunger strike. Right after breakfast. True, it did not last long. A few hours later, he announced the end of the hunger strike.

– One of the reasons why I interrupt the hunger strike is so as not to give a reason to the critics that I am intentionally harming my health. The second and main reason is that the European Parliamentarians categorically urged me to abandon the hunger strike and promised to constantly follow up to protect my minimum rights, Mishiko said. And he began again to throw various heavy and not very objects at the assistants.

Considering that she “eats when she wants”, it is safe to say that Mishiko did not miss the “all so impulsive, angular, contradictory” dinner.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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