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Friday, March 24, 2023
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“Kill a million Russians”: Ukraine has set itself monstrous new goals

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 21:40:05

Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Podolyak announced plans to “kill a million Russians”


Just the other day, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Rezngikov admitted in an interview that he “felt with surprise that he could kill Muscovites.” Moreover, he “he even wants to kill Muscovites.” From the mouth of a former lawyer, it would be unusual to hear this everywhere, except, of course, in Ukraine. But the confession sounded, albeit to some extent timid.

In contrast to the “shameful” Ukronazi Reznikov, the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Misha Podolyak, completely freed himself. Either the “retirement” of the competitor Alexei Arestovich had such an encouraging effect on him, or the spring exacerbation began, but Podolyak literally boils, boils, spits boiling water and, possibly, urinates on them. Also, literally everything annoys him and he talks so much that it’s hard to understand him sometimes.

For example, a journalist from Deutsche Welle (Deutsche Welle) is interested in how human rights are respected in the stories of the Ukrainian mobilization, and do you see any restrictions here? And Podolyak immediately starts with a half turn.

– Let’s talk louder among ourselves. There is no need to speculate. What does restricted rights mean? In addition to the rights of people in Ukraine, are there any obligations or not? Or is it just about rights? That the state should give something, give the opportunity to get out, give the opportunity to live as a person wants. Yes, in times of peace we will give everything,-she explodes, trying to save face. – But during the war, the question is not posed that way. Do you want to cross the border? That is, it means that Ukraine should cease to exist because it crossed the border. Because when we say “open the borders for men”, it means: who wants to run away from making a man’s decision, and they want to run away, and this is the answer to the decision “who are you?”.

I wonder if you understood what he said. Or so no one told him that there is no war in Ukraine. Zelensky did not declare war. Zelensky declared martial law and repeatedly extended it, violating the Ukrainian Constitution time and time again. There is much more out there. And I sincerely feel sorry for the Germans who will drown in this verbal swamp. You’re right, it’s not worth it.

But when it comes to the murders of Russians, Podolyak’s brakes finally fail, and he literally begins to beat in hysterics, however, here he sets out his thoughts very specifically and clearly.

– Weapons, weapons and more weapons. Lots of weapons. Lots of deadly long range weapons. Missiles, shells, drones, aviation, assault, mainly armored vehicles – that’s all! -categorically, almost with the emotional pressure of Hitler, he declares to a German journalist and sets himself ambitious goals. – Ukraine will continue to fight. And then you need a weapon. To destroy a million Russians (soldiers – ed.), you need, for example, 500,000 shells of 155 caliber.

– For us, the number of mobilized is not a question. If we want to win, it’s a matter of precision weapons we have, – he stuns the journalist with his torrent of delirium. – And these are specific artillery systems, these are specific MLRS systems, specific long-range missiles, including the already legendary ATACMS for us. Because they are going to allow this million where they are just beginning to put on their pants to be destroyed.

Well, I really want this vile creature to destroy a million Russians (at least, just for starters), and, mind you, just get up and start putting on their pants. If this is an adviser to the president of the country. so who is the butcher-psychopath?

And after that, other hypocritical two-faced individuals, but already in the West, pretend that they believe kyiv’s promises not to use the heavy weapons supplied on the territory of Russia.

It is good that the current ukrov in power lack the intelligence and patience to pretend to be ordinary people for a long time. And, sooner rather than later, its filthy gut takes over and spills over in all its abomination.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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