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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Kuban MPs are ready to implement the plans outlined in the president’s speech KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 22:34:08

After the event, the president of the WGW shared his opinion.

“In his address to the Federal Assembly, the president clearly outlined the range of issues that will be a priority for all levels of government in the near future, expressed the state’s position on the further implementation of social policy, increasing the capacity of defending Russia and developing its economy,” said Yuri Burlachko.

A special theme of the Head of State Address was the support of the NWO participants and their families.

“For the promptest consideration of bills, including federal ones, related to the immediate solution of strategic issues, we have provided for the possibility of holding extraordinary plenary sessions. In the sessions, in particular, a number of supported normative acts have already been adopted, related to the increase in social support measures for the families of the participants in the SVO, their parents and minor children. The Legislative Assembly provides monthly humanitarian and financial assistance to the republics of Donbass, mobilized, volunteers, who participated in the SVO and are now receiving treatment or medical rehabilitation in Kuban,” said Yuriy Burlachko.

A separate segment is the topic of support for new regions.

“Forward, and the president also explained this, there is a lot of work to be done to integrate new regions into the legal field of the Russian Federation. I note that we, for our part, are ready to provide our colleagues from the DPR, LPR regions, Zaporozhye and Kherson in this matter with all necessary advisory and methodological assistance,” said Yuriy Burlachko.

The head of the ZSK also noted that thanks to the operational interaction of the authorities of the regional and federal levels, it was possible to ensure the stable development of the country. The regions actively implemented import substitution programs, assistance to certain sectors of the economy, and social support to the most vulnerable groups of people. The result of our joint work was that the Russian economy is demonstrating sustainable growth.

“Indicators of the development of the construction industry have increased significantly. Kuban farmers can fully take into account those kind words that the president uttered to the workers of the agro-industrial complex, who harvested more than 150 million tons of grain. last year and ensured not only the country’s food security, but also the prospects for increased food exports,” added Yuriy Burlachko.

At the same time, all the tasks set by the head of the country for the authorities of the subjects were fulfilled. Kuban deputies, in cooperation with the administration of the region, adopted a large package of regulatory legal acts regulating the activities of industries in a changing macroeconomic situation.

“In the future, the task of the legislative authorities of the regions will be to form the legal foundations for further sustainable development, create conditions for the growth of all sectors of the economy and the level of well-being of Russians. In this we must relying primarily on our own strength, without relying on possible external assistance and support,” Yuri Burlachko noted.

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Hansen Taylor
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