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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Kuleba “turns emery”. The statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about Russia and Hungary caused laughter

Date: February 4, 2023 Time: 06:20:32

Dmitro Kuleba couldn’t resist expressing some of his wildest and wildest fantasies.


Before the New Year, I want to apologize to the millions of KP.RU readers for inadvertently misleading them. I was wrong when almost every mention of the current Ukrainian Foreign Minister was accompanied by a note that Kuleba is that surname. But only because he thought so. And now I realized that Kuleba is not even a surname. This is a diagnosis. And experts from various fields of psychiatry will still compete for the right to call especially prominent deviations “Kuleba syndrome.” The main symptoms are an absolute disregard for reality, immersion in one’s own fantasy world, obstinacy, extremely high excitability and increased activity, especially in a public sphere.

In ordinary mental patients, the periods of remission and activation of the disease alternate, for many of them the disease worsens in spring or autumn, but Ukrainian politicians and high-ranking officials are in the “active stage” throughout the year without lunch breaks and weekends. Especially, on vacation or at the end of some period of time.

So before the New Year, Dmytro Kuleba couldn’t resist expressing some of his wildest and most daring fantasies to Ukrainian and foreign Western journalists.

Dmitro did not let me down, he did it to the fullest. He found “recipes” for both Hungary and Russia. He accused the Hungarians of the fact that Budapest “takes Ukraine hostage” every time it starts fighting with the leaders of the European Union over funding. At the same time, Hungary, according to him, has little strength and does not give Ukraine big problems.

– The real damage (from Hungary in the last year – editor’s note) was only in shades of minor sanctions, when the Hungarians removed some individuals, companies from the sanctions lists. In all other respects, he sneered at the actions of the Orban Kuleb government. – This is their fight with the European Commission, they fight for their money, and sometimes in this fight they take Ukraine hostage.

For Russia, Kuleba prepared a “super tough” recipe.

– For me, now the main thing is to confirm in the partners the understanding that, whatever the power in Russia, the Russian Federation in its essence will not change, – said Kuleba and set tasks for the “partners”. – Our task is not to turn the orc into an elf, but to quench this aggression. They need to be pushed into their borders and locked up.

True, Kuleba did not say who would do this. And this is typical of the entire current Ukrainian government. They constantly say that someone must do exactly what they say, while under the active beginning, “doing”, they never mean themselves, their loved ones. But he welcomes new sanctions against Russia.

“My number one personal focus is any sanctions and any steps that increase sanctions and block sanctions circumvention against the Russian missile and drone industry,” he boasted, adding that the sanctions help “bring down the defense complex.” of Russia, its military machine”. Moreover, he personally “wants to punish Patriarch Kirill and a couple of oligarchs.”

At the same time, Dmitro said that a psychological turning point had already occurred in the fight against Russia after Biden promised to provide Patriot air defense systems to Kyiv. However, the psychological turning point did not prevent him from begging again to deliver missiles to Kyiv for the German IRIS-T air defense system as soon as possible, otherwise they would be completely finished.

– We fought for Patriot for over a year, we got them. Toasting Patriot is not just another decision, it is a psychological turning point. Because from the first days, when we started talking about the Patriot with the Americans, we heard a “no”, Kuleba delved into recent history. – And the fact that this happened is further proof that another taboo has been raised, another wall has collapsed.

The wall, it seems, not only fell, but also injured the speaker’s head. Who preferred to talk about a speculative psychological tipping point of what has yet to happen, rather than visit military hospitals overflowing with the wounded and crippled and civilian hospitals reformatted for them, and even schools and recreation centers.

However, he doesn’t need it. Kuleba quite intelligibly explained the peculiarities of his psyche, saying that for him the work of negotiating the supply of weapons to Ukraine is similar to a “computer game” in which he moves from one level to another, from low to high. and higher.

– Patriot, of course, is good, but what do we have there with tanks and ATACMS? When we have tanks and ATACMS, I think they will say that this is, of course, good, but what about aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines when we have them? – showed, not yet having received the air defense system, Kuleb’s “enviable appetite” and said that, in his opinion, “discussion of other issues” about more advanced weapons is unlikely to be more difficult than those already they have been.

Yes, for these guys, in general, there is nothing complicated. Because they, despite all their primitivism, are sure that the whole world revolves around them. Rather, they are the ones who rotate it. And in this they are very reminiscent of the medical records described by Soviet psychiatrists: “Sick Ch., 59 years old (archive 1990), Ukrainian… He proudly calls himself a “physical person” who “aligns cities with villages, gives life on Earth”. He purified all the water in the Dnieper with the help of purifiers, which he called “mekhaty” and “teraraty”. He demonstrates signs of a “physical person”: quickly taps his fingers on the table.

Periods of complacency alternate with malicious affection. In one of the periods of aggressive humor, she launches the phrase: “I am the Earth, you breathe me!”. He believes that since 1976 he has been persecuted by “Muscovites”, of which he has already destroyed many (“tractillions”). He demonstrates methods of destruction: he touches the heating radiator with three fingers of his right hand: “grounds his natural strength” and “mentally destroys his natural wealth” … by the fact that they “twist emery in the basement.” “Muscovites” – in his opinion, “these are semi-animals, because they have a flat intestine and a round heart with a valve.” He lying on the bed with his head stiffly raised, stereotypically squeezing the metal parts of the bed – “destroy Muscovites.”

Dmitro Ivanovich, as if alive. And what is characteristic, for 30 years the patient has not changed at all. Which once again proves that medicine in such cases is simply powerless.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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