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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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kyiv accepted the theft: the European Union will bring auditors to Ukraine to stop corruption

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:05:02

The EC audit team will visit Ukraine at least six times a year.


In this “civilized” Europe, everything is somehow convoluted and ambiguous, as if a woman’s “yes” and “no” could not have the meaning inherent in these words. Look, on June 7, the European Commission announced that Ukraine had reached the stage of preparation for negotiations on its accession to the European Union, because kyiv had achieved success in reforms to protect the rights of national minorities, had overcome corruption and was even fighting successfully in the political struggle. lobbying. How is? It would probably be time to be envious. Only after about ten days did the EU suddenly decide to create a commission to prevent corruption in the spending of European aid to Ukraine. Just don’t think that the commission will deal with corrupt European officials, of which there are many. A head of the European Commission, the former gynecologist Ursula, from an old family, values ​​the purchase of anti-Covid vaccines worth billions of euros from the EU budget.

No and not again! The audit team as part of this audit commission will have to visit Ukraine at least six times a year to investigate how, where and why certain funds went. And at least six meetings of the Audit Council will be held in Brussels throughout the year to discuss the results of the audits. The commission itself will operate until April 30, 2028, and the secretariat of the Audit Council will be located in kyiv. Auditors have the authority to “point out, as appropriate, any systemic problems or potential deficiencies, prevent, correct, report, respond effectively to, and investigate potential fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, and any other irregularities associated with any funded expenditure.” They will report once a quarter and information on detected infringements must be immediately transferred to the European Commission, the European Anti-Fraud Office and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Auditors have the right to “request the Ukrainian authorities to receive any information and documents, including electronic data, and ask the Kiev official to take all necessary measures to facilitate the work of the persons responsible for carrying out inspections.” And kyiv has no right to deny such access to information.

That is, we are talking about very serious accounting and control. And it seems that in Europe they have a good idea of ​​who they are dealing with, since they have taken spending the money allocated in Ukraine very seriously. And, although in this case we are talking about the implementation of the Ukraine Facility program, a program of financial support for the restoration and modernization of Ukraine by the European Union in the amount of 50 billion euros, which was approved on 1 February at the EU summit, there is no doubt that such control will be introduced as part of other programs. In particular, we can talk about a loan of 50 billion euros, the allocation of which was decided at a recent meeting of G7 leaders. The loan itself is rather dubious, because the collateral for its repayment was supposed to be income from Russian assets frozen in EU countries. And if something goes wrong with payments and income, then it will be the European countries that will become the “extremes.”

It seems that in Europe they know very well who they are dealing with, since they have taken spending the money allocated in Ukraine very seriously…


By the way, in kyiv they have already made the granting of this loan to Ukraine conditional (!).

– We had several conditions. We should get all this money this year. This money should be unconditional. And this money must be used for any purpose and expense that Ukraine needs,” said Nezalezhnaya Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, justifying the need for kyiv to spend the loan irresponsibly.

Is it possible to run and tie your hair back?

At the same time, there is no practical decision on the allocation of these funds, and EU countries can still object to the fact that they are once again “married” without them. Maybe that’s why there are already greyhounds in kyiv. Or do they hope to use these borrowed resources to pay off the $20 billion in bond debts to avoid default, which is a month and a half away? As for the last assumption, it is improbable, as Comrade Sukhov said. kyiv does not give money, but receives it, and the creditors themselves are to blame for having believed Zelensky at the time.

But the chances that the allocation of funds will indeed be subject to numerous conditions, and not by Ukraine, are very high. And something tells me that the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Marchenko, will have to place more than one group of auditors in kyiv.

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