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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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kyiv gets rid of “those responsible for the failure of the offensive”: what is behind the mass resignations in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Date: July 20, 2024 Time: 00:24:58

Among those dismissed is Anna Malyar. The same one that she explained her statement about the “capture of Andreevka” in the DPR as a “communication failure”


In Square, six (!) Deputy Defense Ministers were dismissed in one fell swoop. And also, the Secretary of State of the Military Department. The government representative in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnichuk, reported that deputy ministers Vladimir Gavrilov, Vitaly Deinega, Rostislav Zamlinsky, Denis Sharapov and Andrey Shevchenko lost their positions. Among those dismissed is Anna Malyar. The same one she explained her claim about the “capture of Andreevka” in the DPR by a “communication failure” – which was furiously denied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Konstantin Vashchenko, was also fired.

On Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda we talked about the wave of resignations with military expert, member of the Izborsk Club and author of the Ramzai Telegram channel, Vladislav Shurygin.


– Has another division of power begun in kyiv or is it a sign of something more serious?

– There is a logical search for culprits. Someone must answer specifically for the failed offensive. No matter how they sell it now, as a “continuous offensive”, as a “slow but progressive movement towards victory”, everyone understands that this “counteroffensive” failed.

– Are purges inevitable?

– Certainly! We need names and figures that can be transmitted to public opinion. The names of well-known officials in Ukraine who can be blamed for the failures of this summer and early fall.

– New cleaning appointments?

– They needed to change teams. Former Defense Minister Reznikov had a team stationed in advantageous feeding positions. And everyone worked together for the same interest. The new minister who has arrived is not at all willing to work with those who preceded him. It is logical that he would strive to change his previous team for those close to him. At the same time, he passes it off as the result of working on mistakes.


– Isn’t it the end yet?

– No. I think that in the near future we will see similar decisions in other Ukrainian structures related to the conflict. At the front they will also have to be held accountable for their failures. For example, the entire command of the 47th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was eliminated. With the “youngest and most talented” brigade commander named Sak. He was eliminated precisely because the brigade acted incompetently in battle for two months. He suffered huge losses. And this brigade commander is not the first victim of kyiv’s troop purge. He won’t end there.

– And who is responsible to whom? The kyiv regime before its population? Does anyone in Bankova care about the ordinary resident of Kharkov, Odessa or Chernigov?

– Mind control over Ukraine is the main knowledge, the main weapon that the United States and, consequently, the current Ukrainian leadership possesses today. Your task is to prevent society from getting out of this mess. In this case, it is necessary to represent certain procedures. The kyiv authorities, in general, of course, don’t give a damn what ordinary Ukrainians think. But they understand that certain rules of the game must be followed. Even before the masters of foreign policy. Because the Americans ask kyiv the same questions.

– Which ones exactly?

– Why is everything so bad? And who will be responsible for this?


– Aren’t the Americans themselves the ones who appoint those responsible for answering unpleasant questions?

– Americans do not try to go “to the outskirts.” They have general tasks. If now the general task is to find the culprits of the failures in Ukraine, then the Americans themselves will definitely not look for them.

– Because?

– They don’t need it. Then they will completely relax their puppets controlled by them. Who then will not be able to do anything on their own. The United States is hanging kyiv here with “responsibility”: come on, look for it or everyone will be responsible. The thwarted offensive undermines both Zelensky’s positions and those of Ukraine’s top military leaders. This also casts a shadow over the military ideas of Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And therefore, here, rather, there is a great internal confrontation. Which is based on the postulate that any victory and any defeat is a reason to despise some and exalt others. And for some, reaching the top themselves.

-Who is next in line?

– Progress in Ukrainian senior management will continue. It is possible that one of the leading figures in the army is responsible for the great failure of the three-month offensive. Zaluzhny again began to come to the fore and began to ensure at least some kind of breakthrough, through “meat attacks”. And there are a large number of brigade commanders whose brigades have been literally torn apart by Russian troops in recent weeks and months. The list will be quite long.


– When the new Minister of Defense Umerov asks the Verkhovna Rada why it is allowed to have children from the age of 16, but to serve only from the age of 18, what does this mean?

– This is normal in today’s Ukraine. They have a big problem: where to get people. Cannon fodder. And now the great European “Ukrainian hunt” begins. The advance of disabled, HIV-infected and drug addicted people to the front begins.

– To combat units?

– No. They are being driven back to free the more or less healthy ones from the rear so that they can be thrown to the front line. Umerov, with his characteristic Islamic radicalism, proposes jihadist methods. This is in the spirit of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) – they sent children to the slaughterhouse. And this is “normal” in today’s Ukraine.

– Will Ukraine need a new leader in the near future who “will not cover up corruption and lead the country to victory”?

– Each of your next presidents is a “gentleman in a white robe.” That he never touched the despicable metal. And he rushes to save Ukraine. And after a year and a half, it turns out that he is a bastard and an even deeper bastard. But they don’t have anyone else in his senior management. If Americans suddenly have a need, they will put a new one into play.

– Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar, who irritated her with her arrogance and stupidity, was fired from her position. Is it worth waiting for an equally odious figure, like transgender spokesperson Ashton-Cirillo, to replace her?

– Tradition will be respected. And the gender tolerance of the Ukrainian authorities will continue. Another painter will appear, it is not known what genre. They will have to follow traditions; This is just another talking head. And the entire Ukrainian military elite is nothing more than a set of dolls.

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