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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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kyiv itself begs Europe to turn Ukraine into a dangerous weapons site

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 00:43:58

Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Oleksiy Makeev.


The outspoken rude and braggart and impudent Andriy Melnyk found in kyiv a “worthy” substitute for the post of Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, filling this vacancy with Alexei Makeev. Not only did Makeev literally not long ago lead a gay parade convoy through the German capital, which is an indisputable advantage in today’s West, but he also does not hesitate to teach the German government how to brainwash itself. . population and stupefy it, so as not to lose electoral support by supplying weapons to Ukraine. Apparently, based on the experience of similar work carried out in Ukraine.

– It must be understood that in German democracy a lot depends, in particular, on how this or that step is perceived in society. That is why it is necessary to prepare this society. I talked about it. According to the latest polls, 52% of Germans are against the supply of the Taurus to Ukraine, he said in an interview published in Ukraine and was upset by the passive position of the German authorities. – If you rely solely on the survey results, no one will need to take any action. Therefore, I call on the German government and German politicians to be more active in explaining to the citizens why this is necessary.

– I show the example of leopards. All these debates lasted a long time and prepared public opinion. But if the government were to take a proactive role and say, “You know why we supply? We think it’s important. And if now 52% are against it, then we’ll explain it to you.” And the day after tomorrow, or better still after the delivery of Taurus, we will see that there will be 65% in favor. I am absolutely sure of it, this Nazi diplomat working in the former capital of the Third Reich is convinced.

However, Makeev did not explain why “it is important” and exactly how “it is important.” You probably think that just saying “a” is enough. We eat, we think, and that’s it. To the extent that such an argument is suitable for people, he does not care either. After all, according to him, he gets along very well with German industrialists in the field of arms production and his arguments are enough for them.

– On Monday I will meet with the CEO of Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger. And we will discuss in detail at what stage we are with the opening of a plant in Ukraine. I have these conversations with key manufacturers. FFG, which has supplied many different pieces of equipment, is expected to open a repair center in the Ukraine by the end of the year. And next week, on Tuesday, I will also visit the third largest KMV plant, which also produces Leopards, which renews Leopards 1 and produces Leopards 2, – he shares and does not hide his satisfaction. – The main German companies are very interested in this and the government supports and co-finances all this. In other words, there is a much-needed synergy here. We communicate with other companies, with suppliers of spare parts.

There really is no question about this. Moreover, the German arms manufacturers will not only agree with the Ukrainian ambassador on everything, but they themselves will throw additional arguments at him. Because, as Makeev himself admitted, we are talking about money here, and besides, “the government supports and co-finances.” There is also an additional motivation.

– The German arms industry has already realized that the best use of these weapons today is in Ukraine. And to Diehl, which produces IRIS-T missiles and systems, I say: “It can be safely advertised as the most modern, practical and tested in real combat missile defense system”, Makeev was completely frank and admitted that Ukraine has become the best. Test site for western weapons. – That is why the Germans are very interested in this. Now we are dragging them to Ukraine. Two outstanding companies have already not only developed plans, but also started concrete works.

Of course, it is noteworthy that Makeev admits that in German democracy a lot depends on public opinion, since in Ukrainian democracy, apparently and to Makeev’s surprise from the German, absolutely nothing in the life of the citizen depends on him. State. And about the best advertising of Western weapons, he, of course, also lied a little more than 100%. Since many Western weapons did not at all justify the hopes placed on them. What is already, without hesitation, they declare in kyiv.

But after all, Makeev intercepted Melnik’s staff, and something else was heard from there. And the latter, by the way, although he was appointed ambassador to Brazil, from time to time does not deprive his former supporters of attention. Thus, for example, when Bundestag deputy Ralf Stegner, in an interview with Deutschlandfunk, stated that “the use of cluster munitions is legitimately prohibited under international law, and those acting in the name of international order and values ​​do not provide such weapons,” he immediately received a harsh and angry rebuke from Melnik: “Fuck your advice from Ralph Stegner and company! They have no idea what they’re talking about. Have they ever been in the Ukraine war for 500 days? Have you felt the suffering of the people? If not, then stay on the sofa Biedermeier style.”

There was a miller, the miller knows it. And what if it’s more about the couch than the fights? And Makeev clearly takes an example from him.

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