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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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kyiv lost three times more people in Artemovsk than the USSR in ten years Afghanistan: Zelensky dreamed of reaching the borders of Russia, but failed

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:30:26

Zelensky was so caught up in the battles for the city, because he wanted to go through Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, but he put a huge number of soldiers.



Artemovsk is one of the oldest cities in New Russia. It was founded by Ivan the Terrible. In 1571, the tsar ordered the creation of the border “Bakhmut Guard” here (by the way, it was originally Bakhmut, it got its name from the name of the river on which it stands). Almost immediately, this fortress was turned into a fortified settlement. But in the middle of the 17th century, the Slobozhans drove out the Cossacks and built salt pans there.

The fortress in Bakhmut appeared already under Peter I: it was he who made the local salt pans state property.

Interestingly, the current center of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a huge metropolis, Donetsk, which was then called Yuzovka, after justification, was just a small village in the Bakhmut district.

In 1876, a whole salt factory was opened in Bakhmut. It produced 2 million poods of salt per year, this is 12% of the total volume of Russia.

The city became Artyomovsky after the revolution, on September 12, 1924. It received its name from the party and Soviet statesman Fyodor Sergeev, nicknamed (as they would say now “with a call sign”) “Artem”.

Back to Bakhmut Artemovsk was renamed in 2015 as part of the decommunization of Ukraine.

How is Artemovsk, how many soldiers Kiev placed for “nothing significant”, according to the words, the city and what will happen to it next, we asked the native Donchanin, the former representative of the People’s Militia of the DPR, and the author of the channel de telegam Basurin on the main thing”, Colonel Eduard Basurin.


According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, as of January 1, 2022, more than 70 thousand people lived in Artemivsk.

– Eduard Alexandrovich, how did the city live before the special operation?

– The city-forming industries here are the salt industry, non-ferrous metallurgy and the production of building materials. There is a large “Non-Ferrous Metals Plant” with an extensive underground communications system, air raid shelters, electricity generators, etc. Its galleries go underground for many kilometers and come to the surface outside the city. The Vistek and Prommash machine-building plants are also located here. In addition, there is a sparkling wine factory in Artemovsk, one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

Artyomovsk champagne, in fact, is known to almost everyone who lives in the post-Soviet space. And by the way, during the fighting, this plant was not damaged. The military commander of FAN, Alexander Simonov, visited the warehouses of the plant, and, according to him, huge stocks of alcohol and equipment for its production remained intact. There are more than 6 million bottles here.


– Why did Zelensky so cling to Artemovsk, as he himself said, turn it into a “fortification”?

– The Artemovsk highway opens access to the cities of the DPR: to Konstantinovka, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Seversk, as well as to Lisichansk, Lugansk, Severodonetsk located in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The enemy hoped that he would be able to develop his offensive and enter the LPR, reach the borders in the Voronezh and Rostov regions. But they were unsuccessful and paid for it with huge losses among the Ukrainian military and mercenaries, who are fighting on the Ukrainian side in large numbers.

– And how much did Ukraine lose in the Bakhmut meat grinder?

– According to preliminary data, their losses are about 40 thousand people.

Are they all murdered?

– Somewhere about 23 thousand die, and about 16 thousand more are seriously injured (that is, hopelessly wounded). In addition, the missing people, it is still impossible to count them. But in total – about 40 thousand, maybe more. But how much is there? How much equipment did Ukraine destroy at this time? It is even difficult to calculate.

The wartears telegram channel, which specializes in calculating the losses of the armed forces of Ukraine, gives approximately the same figures. According to them, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut region (these are Bakhmut, Soledar, adjacent villages) amount to 55 thousand people. They are counting to the beginning of the special operation, from February 24, 2022.

For comparison, the number of official losses of the USSR Armed Forces for the 10 years of the war in Afghanistan is 15,051 people.


– Now everyone is trying to explain what the capture of Artemovsk means for Russia.

– For us it is a victory of image. For a long time we did not have victories as big as Mariupol. Glory to the Russian soldier, bow low to the attack plane, which carried the main load on his shoulders. And the image of Ukraine has been lost, I think forever. The capture of this city dispelled the myth of the invincibility of the Ukrainian army.

– Why was the Battle of Artemovsk important for us?

– She helped us to stop the offensive of the Ukrainian troops, which was developing to the north. In addition, she showed that we corrected our mistakes that were made earlier: we did not allow the offensive of Ukrainian troops in other directions as well, and we made it possible for the military-industrial complex to work in full force.

Which gives us?

– Allows you to develop an offense in different directions. The enemy has a grouping in Seversk. Now there was a great opportunity to surround her and level the front line. The second important issue is humanitarian. Artemovsk gives us access to the Seversky Donets. And this is a key moment in the water supply to the Donetsk People’s Republic.

– What will happen to Artemovsk later?

– The first thing that will happen there now is its total demining. But overall, don’t worry about the city, it will be better than it was.

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