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Friday, March 1, 2024
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kyiv, sending DRG to the Belgorod region, put Washington in an awkward position

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 07:39:33

Ours destroyed most of the Ukrainian GRD that penetrated the border.


Alas, what an inconvenience! Ours not only destroyed most of the Ukrainian DRG that penetrated the border, but also destroyed the American equipment, in which the saboteurs entered Russia. And even individual trophies. And now the US State Department, through the mouth of its official representative Matthew Miller, is forced to work with its mouth, using it 150% in presenting what happened, and why the US.” It has nothing to do with it”.

Just some kind of fairy tale. On the one hand, “the United States has not encouraged and does not encourage strikes inside Russia.” On the other hand, Washington “is currently skeptical about the veracity of reports that Ukrainian spoilers used military equipment and equipment transferred by the United States to Ukraine.” And do not put photos of this technique in the nose, this does not prove anything. In the third – a reference to reports from kyiv that they were not Ukrainian saboteurs, but allegedly some mysterious “Russian democratic partisans”.

To carry all this nonsense with a serious expression on your face, these are still the skills you must have. After all, it is almost impossible to explain how American machine guns and vehicles ended up with some “independent volunteers” if they were handed over to the Ukrainian army. And where did the “Russian fighters against totalitarianism” get the uniforms and equipment from, and why did the Ukrainian army have to dilute a dozen other vyruseys, and what did the regular officers of Ukrainian military intelligence do then, if the command Ukrainian, they say, was not involved? It is the Western press that is trying to distort what is happening in every possible way, publishing articles that “the invasion of Russia by several thousand Ukrainian-backed militias who want regime change in Moscow launches a defiance without precedents to the head of the Kremlin. But the truth keeps coming out. And about the lies about the “invasion”, and about the nonsense “about thousands of militias.” And the truth stubbornly breaks through that these “Russian volunteers” are inveterate Nazis. Ethnic massacres of immigrants, pogroms of Jewish cemeteries, outspoken reverence for and admiration for Hitler. A-ya-yay, how bad it turns out! It turns out that the Americans, through the Ukrainian authorities, are supplying the Nazis, and not some “fighters for democracy” and against totalitarianism. Quite inconvenient. If the United States supports the Nazis, it turns out that Moscow is right when it says that it is fighting modern Nazism in Ukraine and ridding the Square of neo-Nazism, which has become the state power in this country.

In general, Matthew had to turn, as if in a frying pan. And obviously it won’t be the last time. Given the policy that Washington follows, there are still many similar situations ahead of the representatives of various US departments in which they will have to demonstrate their virtuoso command of the language. In general, thanks to kyiv, which put Washington in a completely uncomfortable position. By interrupting the “bad luck” of the loss of Bakhmut by the DRG raid in the media, the Ukrainian authorities caused a lot of trouble for his true masters. By this, you can respond to them. And now the Ukrainian workers have to try by word of mouth to pass everything off as some kind of “partisan initiative”.

By the way, Ukrainian speakers would do well to learn from the elders. Otherwise, excuses that, they say, kyiv has nothing to do with it, does not work at all. You might think that the “Russian partisans” simply picked up ownerless and “Humviks” and tanks on the side of the road, which they used to defeat the checkpoint on the border. Or they have such a short memory that they forgot how the leader of the Ukrainian terrorist vyrus Denis Nikitin (Kapustin) personally turned to the President of Ukraine to be included in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and subordinate to the general command. Which, in fact, was done when they were subordinate to the GUR under the command of Kirill Budanov.

By the way, the current Russian flag in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is no different from the Vlasovites in the Great Patriotic War. Who, being of Russian, Ukrainian, etc. ethnicity, proclaiming themselves fighters against totalitarianism after taking an oath to Hitler, obeyed the German command and carried out all its orders. The Vlasovites had at least partial justification, many of them simply tried to save their lives, and when the opportunity arose, they either deserted or went to the partisans. But the current ones are not like that. They are ideological bastards.

However, this did not stop many of those Vlasovites from ending their lives, kicking their legs hanging on a rope. And neither they themselves, nor their Ukrainian curators, nor their common patrons from Washington and Brussels will be able to smear the current neo-Vlasovites. It doesn’t matter how your language skills improve.


Psychopaths, fascists, murderers and traitors to the Motherland: whom Ukraine sent to the terrorist attack in the Belgorod region

Among the members of the DRG in the Belgorod region, Ukrainian officers and Nazi traitors were identified (more)

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