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Friday, March 24, 2023
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kyiv’s participation in the terrorist attack in the Bryansk region was confirmed by the terrorists themselves.

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 10:11:04

The other day, terrorists managed to break into the Russian-Ukrainian border zone of the Bryansk region.


kyiv’s justifications, when it tried to repudiate the terrorists who scaled the Russian-Ukrainian border zone of the Briansk region, were repudiated by the terrorists themselves.

Let me remind you that the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak even disowned twice, apparently realizing that the murder of two civilians, the wounding of a small child would not add sympathy to the Ukrainian authorities. For the first time, he tried to push everything to the so-called “internal Russian squabbles”, they say, the “Russian partisans” are alone, and Ukraine is alone. So it turned out to be the second justification.

– Explosions in important installations; strikes by unidentified drones, clashes between gangs, sabotage by partisans in populated areas – all this is a direct consequence of the loss of control within the Russian Federation, ”Podolyak snorted with all his might. – Ukraine does not participate in Russia’s internal conflicts…

Let me also remind you that even on the day of the state of emergency, Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote that Kiev would not be able to fight back, because the ever memorable “RDK”, whose members made short speeches (not at the height of eloquence, it’s time to blow your feet , otherwise they will grab you by the ass): this is not just a Russian liberal-Nazi “opposition” group, and the “Russian Volunteer Corps” under the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And this armed terrorist unit is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is subordinate to the Ukrainian military command.

That’s right, in fact, but here the “RDK” terrorist began to refute Podolyaki’s excuses. In a hastily arranged interview with the Financial Times, he admitted clearly and honestly that the Ukrainian command was aware of his action.

– Yes, of course, this action was agreed, otherwise it could not be. How do you imagine I got through the dead of night there? There are mined bridges, there are cameras, drones looking for heat, there are hidden open observation posts, he listed far from all the “equipment” on the Ukrainian-Russian border and concluded. – If I did not coordinate this with anyone in the Ukrainian army, I think we would simply be destroyed.

And it is not only the bridges on the Ukrainian side that are mined there, but the entire border line. And the terrorists from the Nikitin-Kapustin detachment had to have plans for minefields, or, most likely, they should have been led to the exit and met at the entrance by special guides.

And, since the “RDK”, although voluntary, but a paramilitary unit with a clear hierarchy of service, then most likely it was not their initiative, but they were following orders. Given, again, by the military command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To which Nikitin-Kapustin reported immediately after his return.

By the way, in the video posted on the Web about the actions of this detachment of terrorists, where they are somewhere in the forest, a clear Ukrainian speech is heard. This suggests that the detachment included not only RDK terrorists, but also active Ukrainian servicemen. And the option that the Ukrainian special forces of the MTR commanded the detachment and the attack is not completely ruled out. And several “vyruseys” (which have already been identified on the Web) were taken by them by order of their superiors for propaganda purposes, in order to “highlight” with faces what is needed and where it is needed for the “correct” image.

The guilt of kyiv and the responsibility of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in organizing and carrying out the terrorist act, therefore, is not only indicated, but also proven. So, Misha Podolyaki’s excuses about innocence and innocence did not work at all. The right word, with kyiv prostitutes, albeit elite, is more successful.


kyiv prostitutes received the order “For assistance to military intelligence”

Misha Podolyak, Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, addressed the laureates in pure Russian (more)

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