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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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kyiv’s plans are falling apart: Russia launches pre-emptive strikes against the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the liberation of Artemivsk

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:11:40

After the liberation of Artemovsk, the information war intensifies

Photo: Alexander KOTS

About how the situation in the zone of special operations in the Donbass and in the border regions of “old Russia” after the liberation of Artemovsk, and why the information war is getting tougher, we spoke on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with retired LPR lieutenant colonel. Andrey Marochko.

– The peak of anxiety in the situation on the flanks near Artemovsk has passed, is the situation stabilizing? These are the words of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

– It is necessary to take into account the errors of past operations. The enemy is cunning and strong. We know that Artemovsk is of vital importance to him.

– Will they try to fight?

– I receive information that they are now trying to form quite powerful groups in Clock Yar. There arrive personnel, weapons and armored vehicles.

– Will they continue to hit the flanks?

– They will try to feel somewhere our weakness on the flanks near Artemovsk. Trying to cover it up. If we are talking about the area north of Artemovsk, then the hit could be in the Soledar area.

– And if we are talking about the Southwest?

– This is the Kleshcheevka area. The enemy can go in these directions. And there, the enemy has everything necessary to carry out offensive actions.

Andrés Marochko. Photo: Russian Alexander / TASS

– Our reaction?

– Our command perfectly understands the enemy’s plan. With preemptive strikes, all the plans of the Ukrainian command are falling apart in the bud. As soon as we see a group of Ukrainian militants, they immediately fly there.

– But kyiv is constantly accumulating reserves?

– We regularly began to strike at temporary deployment points, in warehouses. And this plays a key role in preventing the enemy from carrying out his plans.

– They did not abandon the counteroffensive, their intelligence chief Budanov told the Japanese that this would happen very soon.

– No one will allow them to abandon these plans. kyiv will have to sort out everything that has already been handed over to Ukraine. Those who supply want political dividends. They don’t care that thousands of Ukrainian citizens are dying there.

– Kyiv reports small local “successes”.

– In the last 3-4 months, Ukrainian fighters have not had any success. They are trying to fill the information field with other informational reasons, committing acts of sabotage, committing terrorist acts.

It doesn’t help them much.

– They’re in trouble again. Therefore, they require the so-called victory (victory). They will announce their counteroffensive only when there is at least some kind of victory.

– Will the information support exceed all reasonable limits?

– There is also a hybrid war in the field of information. The battles there are no less hot than in the NWO zone. Thrown enemies are in large numbers. Involved not only TsIPSO in Ukraine. They work from the Pentagon, from Poland.

– Who fixes it?

– There is already irrefutable evidence. About 50 countries work for Ukraine. Include in the information field.

– Aren’t they tired of working for Ukraine?

– They will get tired of working only when they feel that it is not profitable for them. Now they are forced to do this, even to please specific countries. But in fact, everything will be decided exactly when it stops being profitable for the most important beneficiary – the United States.


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