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Friday, September 29, 2023
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kyiv’s plans become more and more delusional: Kuleba promised to “save” Africa from Russia

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 08:37:53

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.


Do you know anything about the Ukrainian-African friendship? Don’t rub your forehead in shame if you don’t know. I don’t know either. I heard a lot about the Soviet-African, I read and listened. We also know a little about the Russian-African. But I heard about the Ukrainian-African for the first time. In addition, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

Intensive efforts to get Zelensky to attend the G20 summit apparently failed, and Ukrainian diplomacy shifted to another object of force application. In addition, Kuleba will soon appoint new Ukrainian ambassadors to 16 countries, and African states will certainly be among them. Therefore, Ukraine wedding photographers and dog groomers can earn a good income on top of their professional earnings.

So, about Kuleb and Africa. This “giant of thought” and “stepfather of Ukrainian diplomacy”, to whom not even the pique vests of the glorious city of Chornomorsk would put a finger in his mouth until he completely lost his head, announced the “great campaign” of Kiev to Africa.

– Many years have been lost, but we are going to promote the Ukrainian-African revival, to revive these relations. This continent needs long-term and systematic work, – said Kuleba in a completely Kulebian manner. From which it can be understood that he does not understand the words that he utters at all and, therefore, cannot take responsibility for his speeches. How can you move the Renaissance somewhere? Explain to this jerk that rebirth and going to the bathroom on a small scale are completely different things.

Okay, okay, consider me too picky. Whether you find fault with an idiot (in the medical sense of the term) or not, you won’t get any wiser from it. But what’s the point? What does Kuleba see as “Ukrainian mission” in Africa?

As the late Mikhail Zadornov would say at this moment: “Ready? Yes?” Well, you get it.

– We do not want to be the second Russia, – Kuleba admitted (in fact, even if you wanted to, you would not have succeeded). – Our strategy is not to replace Russia, but to free Africa from Russian rule.

So that? Sorry, I didn’t hear. From French rule, from which the Central African states are now getting rid of everything. From British? From the American? Maybe, in the end, from the Chinese, since the Chinese in two thirds of the countries of Africa, if not more, do what they want? And what is Russian rule? Isn’t it that President Vladimir Putin has promised to give free grain to starving African countries?

By the way, it turns out that the Ukrainian-African friendship is when Ukraine sent to Africa within the framework of the “grain agreement” only 5% of the exported grain. An order of magnitude less than for pig feed in the European Union. Or is it Ukrainian-African friendship when kyiv hides behind the starving countries of Africa to promote the “grain deal”? And then he spits on Africa itself from a high bell tower. Which, unlike the Renaissance, is quite realistic to promote.

Or is it the message that Ukraine is preparing to send 6,000 of its mercenaries to Africa to militarily restore the pro-Western president who was overthrown by the Ukrainian military? One might think that they received little in the Ukrainian camps from those with whom they meet in Africa.

Or Kuleba is preparing the evacuation of Zelensky and his team from kyiv, and he needs to justify the upcoming frequent business trips to this continent? Also, I would say, not the best gift for Africa.

However, most likely, Dmitro himself does not fix what nonsense he is talking about. The main thing is to beat Russia for whatever reason, stigmatize it and paint it in extremely negative tones.

Better free the penguins of Antarctica from Russian rule, sick. For some reason, the British gave you a station in Antarctica, which they wanted to leave earlier.

PS Ukraine cannot “liberate” Ukraine from Russia, so you think that maybe even with Africa it will work. Naivniak. From Africa, your “allies” will be so scared if you get there that they will fly away, losing their slippers.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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