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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Laima Vaikule doubted Victory Day and supported the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers: it’s time to turn off the sound

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 14:40:05

Instead of songs, Vaikule began to read rude sermons.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Laima Vaikule, once very popular in the Soviet Union, and then in Russia, a singer with a deep, thick voice and a slight accent, when she sang in Russian, now switched to recitative. Without music. But with malice and hate. Instead of songs, she began to read us rude sermons, and the romantic veil from her immediately flew away. Khabalka, convinced that she has the right to speak on topics sacred to us, without possessing mental or moral abilities to understand what she is talking about.

Agree, the fact that she and Alla Borisovna “fed the entire USSR” passed. Well, the aunt is about to explode with annoyance because others are gambling on the stage. Age, obviously. But the habit of listening to you played a cruel joke on her: Vaikula suffered worse than Ostap, and she decided to talk about Victory. Russia, said the young old woman, has privatized Victory Day. And in general, what right does Russia have to call itself the winner in the Great Patriotic War and hold Victory parades? After all, “the entire Soviet Union suffered”, including Latvia and Ukraine.

Let’s leave Ukraine, because she also probably believes that since there were Ukrainian fronts during the war, it means that Ukraine fought separately from Russia. But everything is clear with Latvia: Latvians who served in the Waffen SS are proclaimed heroes and fighters for independence there. And almost all the monuments to the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army have already been destroyed there. The authorities have just officially banned the celebration of Victory Day. And what a victory for the current Latvians, if later, as they say, they fell under the “second Soviet occupation.” They believe that of the three “occupations”, the fascist one, the second in a row, was much softer than the two Soviet ones.

In general, Latvia wants “not to be separated from Europe” even during the war period. That is, they were classified among the free or involuntary allies of Hitler. Smallness is not enough: to officially announce that they, as allies of Nazi Germany, were the losing side in that war. So Riga does not intend to win.

Vaikule’s uncle, he admits, was a member of the SS. And dad fought on the other side. He says, what is now inflamed, must be “respected.” That is, we are invited to respect the singer’s uncle, who fought in the ranks of the SS, and parts of the Latvian auxiliary police, who carried out punitive operations in the Leningrad, Pskov regions of Belarus. Respect those who helped maintain the blockade of Leningrad?

The singer approves the demolition of monuments to the Soviet soldiers-liberators. They are not liberators for her at all, nor are they for the current Latvian authorities – “occupiers”. And what did they do in these monuments? “They came to drink and after the holidays they left a garbage can,” Vaikule complains. There was such a president in Latvia – Vike-Freiberga, a citizen of Canada. It was she who first said that Soviet veterans come to the monuments to “drink vodka and eat herring.” So, the former star of the former Soviet stage is involved in plagiarism.

However, all he’s wearing lately is plagiarism. She, like a once very famous pop diva, voices what other characters with “beautiful faces” have been screaming for a long time, but are heard less and less in Russia. So they decided to put in Vaikula’s mouth the words that killed her previous songs. Maybe we’ll just remember how she sang before her, and if we listen to her today, let’s turn the sound off.

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