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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Larisa Udovichenko immobilized due to terrible injuries

Date: February 7, 2023 Time: 20:22:40

Larisa Udovichenko

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Larisa Udovichenko broke her spine. The 67-year-old actress is currently seriously ill and immobilized. Due to her illness, she cannot go on stage.

Larisa Udovichenko scared her fans. The star has a broken back, Express Gazeta reports. The Russians worry and pray for her favorite.

An acquaintance of Larisa Ivanovna clarified: “Lara hides this, but she will definitely not work until March, neither in the theater, nor in the cinema, anywhere. It seems that she fell unsuccessfully. And received a compression fracture of the spine” . .”

A compression fracture involves a completely supine position. I can not walk. The fact is that any movement can lead to incorrect fusion of the vertebra, which will put pressure on the nerve roots.

Larisa Ivanovna has already undergone spinal surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation, a friend of actress Euclid Kurdzidis said. The artist is at home.

It is known that the celebrity was injured not on tour. His injury is truly terrible.

Remember that this is not the first problem with Udovichenko. During the New Year holidays in 2011, she was rushed from her own apartment on Alabyan Street in Moscow to the Botkin Hospital. Relatives later reported that Larisa Ivanovna fell in her house and hit her head. She even she was admitted to intensive care. Then everything went off without serious consequences.

Puck Henry
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