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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Larisa Udovichenko underwent surgery after a serious spinal injury

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:03:30

Actress Larisa Udovichenko.


Actress Larisa Udovichenko was hospitalized with a fractured spine – this information was spread in all electronic media with a link to the website of the regional branch of the ticket operator Kassir.ru. The fact that this is true was indirectly confirmed by the replacement of the actress in the private performance “New Year’s Troubles” in Petrozavodsk. “Dear viewers! We are very sorry to announce that People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Udovichenko has been hospitalized,” the announcement on the theater’s website reads. Apparently, Udovichenko was injured late last year.

Not only in Petrozavodsk, Larisa Ivanovna was replaced. Spectators in Veliky Novgorod wrote in their reviews after the performance on January 5: “We were going to see Larisa Udovichenko, but we saw an unknown aunt! We were embarrassed by the half empty room! We are still surprised, how so? But apparently the locals found out about this change. There is no notification anywhere that the main character has been replaced! Many viewers were outraged that they had not been warned. I bought tickets for Udovichenko. Instead, she played actress Daria Mikhailichenko.

“The ad claims Larisa Udovichenko, but it’s actually another actress. This is a lie, sir! – wrote the audience. – The acting is good, but the substitution of actors without warning the audience left a disgusting aftertaste! For such tricks you need to return the money for the ticket! “In general, I liked the performance. The actors are very good! The only pity is that no one introduced them to the audience. I would love to know their names! I don’t know anyone except Sergei Kolesnikov”…

We call Sergei Kolesnikov.

“I won’t say anything about Larisa Udovichenko,” Kolesnikov said as he hung up. – This is none of my business.

Another actor, Andrey Butin, the husband of the same Daria Mikhailichenko, who replaced Udovichenko, shed light on the story with the replacement in acting.

– About Larisa Udovichenko – it’s true: she received a serious spinal injury, underwent surgery, now she is recovering – confirmed Andrey Butin. – All documents and references are available. All venues showing “New Year’s Troubles” were warned about the replacement two weeks before the performance.

– What happened to Larisa Ivanovna? Where did she get injured, on tour?

No, not on tour. But let’s not go into details. She has a serious injury. But the function was not cancelled. The role of Udovichenko was played by Daria Mikhailichenko. They were all satisfied. Dasha knows this performance. She easily entered the role. In the New Year it is very difficult to find a replacement for an artist.

Larisa Udovichenko starred in many popular films and TV shows: “The most charming and attractive”, “Mary Poppins, goodbye”, “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “The married bachelor”, “Mine of gold”. ..

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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