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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on February 19, 2023: the West holds back the tanks, Ukrainian grain has reached only Spanish pigs

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:04:02

Ben Wallace said the Ukrainians need to shoot more accurately and that kyiv’s optimism about a quick delivery of Western tanks is misplaced.



Air France-KLM chief executive Ben Smith said Chinese airlines are using “an unfair advantage” over European airlines because they are allowed to fly over Russia. As a result, European airlines are forced to choose longer routes to Asia to fly around Russia due to sanctions, while Chinese airlines use shorter routes from Asia to Europe and vice versa. Which cuts the flight time between Paris and, say, Seoul by up to three hours. And in such conditions, it is difficult for Europeans, to put it mildly, to compete with Chinese airlines, which are chosen by passengers due to cheaper air tickets and shorter travel times.

And who and why imposed such sanctions?


One of the monsters of the Ukrainian economy, the Naftogaz Ukrainy company, began to develop new market segments. He launched his own online store selling home appliances and home appliances. In particular, gas boilers, electric generators, batteries for autonomous power supply, cookers, camping equipment, including sleeping bags, pot-bellied stoves and much more are offered to the attention and wallets of buyers. All this on the site is called goods – “necessary for creating home comfort.”

Remember that earlier the company stopped paying Eurobonds, and its future is now a big question. Under such conditions, it is a sin not to find alternative ways of development or existence. And, judging by the proposed range, the company still has room to develop. For example, in terms of including stoves, kerosene stoves, etc. in the assortment.


Ben Wallace, who has already told Western journalists a lot about the fact that the Ukrainians need to shoot more accurately from their existing artillery and save shells, and also not wait for modern Western fighters, explained why Kiev’s optimism about the rapid delivery of western tanks is also misplaced.

– Here the problems became apparent. There is a political solution, it is true, but many countries are realizing that their armies do not have useful tanks to supply. Politicians sent their troops to warehouses and had to declare their tanks out of order or not repaired for deliveries to Ukraine, Wallace announced.

That is, there will be tanks, but later. When it is unknown. They will tell you later. Meanwhile, it is known that the Western tanks transferred to Ukraine in the near future will be enough to make up about half of the battalion.

And they promised at least a few brigades. But don’t bother with kyiv. The West also misled Russia when it promised not to expand NATO to the east.

There will be tanks. Wait.


During discussions at the Munich Conference on International Security, while speaking with German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that Berlin should be wary of new incidents similar to explosions. of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, the Xinhua news agency reported.

“The longer the crisis drags on, the more damage Europe will suffer, and such incidents can happen from time to time,” the Chinese diplomat said, explaining that he understands the concern of European countries over the Ukraine crisis.

However, following Burbock’s statement that Putin should make a 360-degree turn in his policy, there are serious doubts that German Foreign Minister Annalena can understand what the PRC representative warned her about. .


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, was one of the centers of attention this Saturday at the International Conference on Security, which is taking place these days in Munich.

“As long as Putin is in power, we will have problems,” he said in a speech.

“The best security guarantees before Ukraine joins NATO are money, sanctions and weapons,” he explained in another, thus denoting his point of view on the criteria for guaranteeing the country’s security.

And then he opened up and issued a full and honest confession in response to the question of whether the assistance provided by the West to kyiv is enough to fight Russia.

– As long as we fight, we will never have enough weapons, issued another author’s masterpiece.

That is, until Ukraine “dies”, one cannot count on the fact that kyiv will be satisfied with Western help. And they will never say: “Enough. Enough.”

The right word, it’s easier to actually kill those cattle than it is to feed them.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that as long as he remains in charge of his country’s government, he will not allow Hungary to become involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Although all other members of the European Union and NATO are in favor of continuing the war.

Budapest, he said, does not agree that Moscow threatens the security of all of Europe. According to the politician himself, the conflict in Ukraine will end only after the United States and Russia come to the negotiating table, but the later it happens, the greater the losses. In addition, Orban noted that “Budapest will maintain economic relations with Russia and invites its allies to do the same.”

Should there be at least one normal person even in a madhouse? Of course I do, but if the rest of the crazy people didn’t stutter it.


The Ukrainian LGBT human rights center “Nash Svit” has called for the exemption of transgender people from being recruited by the army for mobilization.

As specifically noted in the text of this center’s initiative, the diagnoses of “transsexuality” and “gender dysphoria” (if you’re interested in what that is, search the Web) signify a person’s complete unsuitability for military service. if it is pronounced And if they are moderately expressed, then their suitability is limited in wartime.

Human rights activists believe that the medical commission of a psychiatric hospital should determine the appropriate diagnosis for these people and, on this basis, release people from the service.

Human rights activists are unlikely to succeed, since even recognized disabled people are mobilizing in Ukraine now, but if such an initiative is accepted, Ukrainian doctors will have a new element of income that will allow them to improve their well-being.

And, yes, ordinary homosexuals are asked not to worry. It’s not about them.


As Michael Koch, a columnist for Expresspress, discovered, all the incantations about the need for a “grain deal” to save the starving in Africa turned out to be pure lies. The journalist tracked the supply of Ukrainian grain through the shipping corridor, which was set up “to help the hungry” and found that the vast majority of the grain exported from Ukraine settled in Spain. And they not only settled there, but went to feed the pigs there.

Koch suggested that the reason for this precedent was the financial benefit of the kyiv authorities.

“It is easy to explain such a misfortune: Spain paid more money and Ukraine complied,” said the author of the investigation.


– According to John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications for the White House National Security Council, the United States would welcome the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine by other countries, but Washington itself did not make any promises about such assistance.

– The new Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean, explained that he had nothing to talk about with Russia until the end of the NWO in Ukraine. Which undoubtedly caused a sigh of relief in Moscow.

– The (still) President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, during a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Cohen in Kiev, said that “Iran is a common enemy of Ukraine and Israel.”

– The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that Russia is ready to take equivalent compensatory measures if the EU confiscates its assets.

– White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the United States is alarmed by South Africa’s participation in joint naval exercises with Russia and China off the coast of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal in the Indian Ocean. The exercises will last until February 27. There is still plenty of time to voice more concerns.

– Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba admitted that no country has promised Kiev a single modern Western fighter.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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