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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on February 27, 2023: Bakhmut is threatened with epidemics due to a dam explosion, the Germans demand to close the main support of the US Air Force in Europe – the base Ramstein’s

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:55:05

Artemovsk is threatened with an epidemiological catastrophe due to a dam explosion.



If Russia loses, then there will be no more Russians. About this in an interview with the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” in “Russia-1”, said Vladimir Putin. According to him, the goal of the West is “to classify the former Soviet Union and its main part, the Russian Federation.”

– If we follow this path, the fate of many peoples of Russia, and above all, of course, the Russian people, can change dramatically. I don’t even know if such an ethnic group as the Russian people can survive in the form in which it exists today. Well, there will be some “Muscovites”, “Urals”, etc., the president said.

After that, the West will even “accept us into the so-called” family of civilized peoples, “but, according to Putin, separately, small fractional parts”, in order to push these parts and bring them under their control.

– These plans are on paper. It’s just that in the conditions of building relationships, we try not to talk about it. For reasons of association, explained the head of state. – And now, when, after the collapse of the USSR, their attempts to remake the world exclusively for themselves, led to such a situation, of course, we are forced to respond.


The head of the CIA, William Burns, shed light on a series of operations in an interview with the US channel CBS News.

1. He confirmed that US intelligence is helping the Ukrainian military. Also, not even since the beginning of the Russian special operation, but according to him, the data was transmitted long before February 24, 2022.

2. The supply of Chinese weapons to Russia is being discussed among Chinese elites, Burns said, but he has no real evidence of this. The reporter then asked why China should mess up relations with the United States. Burns simply replied, “That’s a good question!”


Sergei Shoigu explained where Russia will push Ukrainian troops out of its territory. The journalists asked the Minister of Defense about this after the words of the President in the Speech: “The more long-range Western systems reach Ukraine, the more we will be forced to move the threat away from our borders.”

Then Shoigu replied: “it depends on the weapons that will be delivered” to Ukraine.


Experts gave Ukraine time – until the fall. This was stated by former US-Marine intelligence officer, and now military expert Scott Ritter on his YouTube channel. According to him, the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will occur in October.

The fact is that Washington is running out of supplies for supplies to Ukraine. That is why the new aid package does not include anything that could fundamentally help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to turn the tide of the conflict.

“They’re going to run out of ammunition in the middle of summer, and in an artillery war, if you run out of shells, they’re all going to die,” Ritter said.

As soon as the shell runs out, Ukrainian soldiers will begin to be captured en masse, and then the APU will be completely defeated.


Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is rushing to help Ukraine. The head of the Foreign Ministry of this country visited kyiv for the first time in history and met with Zelensky.

Moreover, Prince Faisal flew to kyiv not empty-handed, but with humanitarian aid. Last year it was promised to deliver it for $400 million. In addition, Riyadh promised to supply oil to Ukraine.


Artemovsk is facing an epidemiological catastrophe, said Igor Kimakovsky, adviser to the acting head of the DPR. The dam blown up in the city by the Ukrainian army is to blame. The water has already flooded the basements of residential buildings and housing plots.

– You know that everything that concerns amenities in the private sector, as a rule, is located on the street. Some have their own farm, so manure and garbage are also deposited directly on the ground. If it gets hotter in the next few days, everything will float around the city and there will be a real epidemiological catastrophe,” Kimakovsky said on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has already launched an investigation into the explosion of the dam on the cob.


After the anti-war demonstrations in Berlin, the protest reached the stronghold of the US Air Force in Europe: the German Ramstein airbase. People protest against the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army. They are in favor of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, the rejection of the supply of weapons and the escalation of relations with Russia. It is worth noting that rallies of this kind have been taking place all over Germany in recent weeks. The number of participants exceeded 50 thousand people.


What is to be expected. Pro-Ukrainian activists throw flowers from a Russian T-72 in central Berlin, which has been turned into a memorial for Russian soldiers killed during a special operation. The people tried to protect the flowers, but it turned out to be beyond their power. The police separated the most aggressive, the others did not stop trampling the flowers.

A spontaneous memorial arose the day before. Pro-Ukrainian activists placed a burnt-out T-72 tank near the Russian embassy, ​​wanting to make it a symbol of “Russian aggression in Ukraine.” But it turned out exactly the opposite – local residents began to bring flowers in memory of the Russian soldiers killed in the zone of special operations. The Russian embassy called this tank a symbol of the fight against neo-Nazism in Ukraine.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked Zelensky… to stop moaning. This is reported by the German edition of Focus. Journalists write that this is how the head of the Cabinet of Ministers reacted to the words of the President of Ukraine that Germany did not help his country enough.

“I find it funny, there is no point in complaining about the extent of German involvement. It is not wise to deny such a serious commitment over and over again. Germany should not listen to anyone’s reproaches. We do more than many other countries,” Scholz said.


Belarus is restless. An attack was made on the Machulishchi military airfield – it is located 12 kilometers from Minsk and Russian planes are located on it. So the target of the attack was the Russian A-50 early warning aircraft. Whether the dashboard was hit and how severely is not yet known for certain. Ukrainian resources report “medium damage”.

In addition, the kyiv media also report on the death of a Volyn Terodefense militant during a shootout on the border with Belarus. This happened the day before in the morning, but it was only known on February 26. True, the Belarusian State Border Committee denied the information about the shooting.

“The information disseminated by extremists has nothing to do with reality. There were no incidents with the use of weapons, border patrols did not open fire,” the ministry said in a statement.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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