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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 16, 2023: when Kyiv leaves Artemivsk, terminators will appear in Donbas and how many civilizations have merged into an independent one.

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 13:59:28

Divisions of the Russian armed forces launched regular attacks with high-precision weapons against the objects of military control and independent energy.


Have you already mentally said goodbye to Artemovsk in Kyiv?

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, our units launched regular attacks with high-precision weapons on military command and control facilities and independent power. In the Kupyansk direction, blows fell on units of two brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkov region and in the LPR. There, the Ukrainians lost at least half of a company. In the Krasnolimansky direction, units of three brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated. The attack by assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Chervona Dibrova was also repelled. In the Donetsk direction, the troops developed success in the direction of the northern outskirts of the city of Artemovsk and the Sol railway station. There, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost more than 80 fighters. And in general, they began to talk about the fact that “Artemovsk does not matter much.” Well, of course, but do they have Kharkov and Kyiv?

How many months will the leopards prepare for Kyiv?

Armin Papperger, head of the Rheinmetall arms company, believes that the repair and preparation of Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine will take at least a year. According to him, even if Berlin decides to send the most serious combat vehicles to Kyiv in the near future, the company will not be able to do it before the beginning of 2024. According to the head of Rheinmetall, the company now has about 110 Leopard-type tanks, while that only 22 of them are Leopard 2 combat vehicles. And the company cannot start preparing tanks in advance, after all, it costs millions of euros and it is impossible. without an appropriate state order. Earlier it was reported that London officially announced the delivery of Challenger 2 tanks to Kyiv. How much junk they have left on the march after pathetic visits to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria…

When the robots start fighting in the NWO zone

Dmitry Rogozin, head of the group of military advisers and the Tsarskie Wolves scientific and technical center, said that the Marker combat robotic platform will be tested in the NVO zone. According to Rogozin, the “Marker” was successfully tested at the guard of the Vostochny cosmodrome. There he controlled the perimeter and guaranteed their safety. Well, now such machines will have to undergo a baptism of fire in the Donbass. The robot is a joint project of the National Center for the Development of Technologies and Basic Elements of Robotics FPI and the NGO Android Technology, which previously developed the anthropomorphic robot Fedor. Well, strike first, Fedya!

In the summer, the West is faced with a lack of ammunition.

The Wall Street Journal laments that the West may face an ammunition shortage next summer amid military aid to the Kyiv regime. Also, according to the WSJ, Moscow, in turn, will achieve the expansion of production in the field of weapons. The experts of the American publication state: “The Ukrainian army spends shells supplied by the West twice as fast as those produced in the United States and NATO countries. Maintaining this pace, Kyiv could reduce US and European reserves to critical levels within six months.” This is confirmed by experts in the military industry. There is a consoling symptom: Kyiv may not be able to maintain such a shell spending rate, there will simply be no one.

Two thousand crimes against residents of the Lugansk region

Leonid Pasechnik, head of the LPR, said that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened more than two thousand cases for crimes against Donbass residents by Ukrainians. And he clarified: “So many criminal cases have been opened against more than 600 Ukrainian nationalists.” In addition, more than 118 thousand inhabitants of the region were recognized as victims in these cases. If someone thinks that crimes have a prescription, they are wrong.

How Kyiv is trying to blame Moscow for the coming famine

The Defense Ministry reported that the SBU planned to blow up a granary in the village of Karaichnoye, Kharkiv region, to discredit Russia as part of a “grain deal.” This SBU provocation is aimed at accusing Russia of creating a “food shortage” in Ukraine. There is evidence that about 30 representatives of the Ukrainian special services came to this settlement and have already mined granaries, after undermining that Russia will be accused of “deliberately destroying grain reserves in Ukraine” and “causing famine.” Well, then the Western media will traditionally demand a “tough response from the world community.” By the way, where are the investigative materials on the “victims of Russian aggression” in Bucha and Izyum?

In Kyiv, “combat veterans” run with grenades

A man in military uniform threatened to detonate a grenade at a supermarket in the Ukrainian capital. As reported by the local publication Klymenko.Time, citing eyewitnesses, this “warrior of light”, who mistook the front line for the deep rear, broke into a supermarket located near the Kyiv central railway station. The arrived representatives of the special services, after much persuasion, convinced the heroic grenade launcher to deliver the ammunition. Then they took him to the police station.

Zelensky tried to punish Konchalovsky

The sixth president of Ukraine endorsed the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on sanctions against 198 figures of culture, art and media. The list includes actor Yegor Beroev, director Andrei Konchalovsky, producer Yana Rudkovskaya, military journalist Semyon Pegov, writer and blogger Dmitry Puchkov, general director of the SPAS TV channel Boris Korchevnikov, TV presenter Angelina Vovk and the Komsomolskaya Pravda columnists Viktor Baranets and Daria Aslamova. . The application period is 10 years. Measures: blockade of assets, limitation of commercial operations, limitation of the transit of resources, flights and transportation through the territory of Ukraine, prevention of the withdrawal of capital from the square. The Homeric laughter of Colonel Barants was heard even on Khreshchatyk.

How many civilizations converged into an independent

Kyiv historian and TV presenter Daniil Yanevsky said that the main value of Ukraine as a state for the whole land, as well as the high meaning of its existence, lies in the idea that Ukrainians are “an alloy of 37 civilizations , from the Cimmerians to the Ukrainians”. Soviet Union.” Yanevsky argues the following: “Why does the Ukrainian state exist? Not because of mortal danger. What are the values? Why did one hundred thousand Ukrainian soldiers die? For what? Because we have thirty-seven civilizations. Ukraine it is a civilizational synthesis. For this”. He believes that no country in the Old World “can boast of such a history.” Show off – can not, that’s for sure. Vladimir Monomakh narrowed his eyes somewhere.


The special operation may end within two months (more)

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