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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 20, 2023: in Crimea, they answered what would happen if Kyiv tried to attack the peninsula

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 23:03:18

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zelensky criticized Western partners


Ukrainian landing die and surrender

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, for the fourth day in a row, the aviation and artillery of the Western Military District have been ironing units of the 14th and 92nd mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novoselovsky in the LPR and in Ivanovka, Kharkov region, in the direction of Kupyansk for the fourth day in a row. One and a half platoons of Ukrainian “warriors of light” were mowed down. In the Krasno-Limansky direction, aviation and artillery of the Central Military District were fired by units of the 95th Airborne Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Serebryanka in the DPR and the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Navies of Ukraine in Novovodyan on the LPR. Enemy losses exceeded two platoons killed and wounded. In the Donetsk direction, the units of the Southern Military District defeated the enemy at Galitsinovka, Krasnogorovka and Nevelskoye in the DPR. Up to 80 Ukrainian fighters, three French Caesar self-propelled guns and one American M-777 were destroyed. In the South-Donetsk direction, the units of the Air Defense Forces, having taken advantageous positions, destroyed more than 30 Ukrainian servicemen, two armored vehicles and three pickup trucks. More junk, good and different.

Why are Ukrainian lands good for tank drops?

Asia Times believes that the Ukrainian territory, in its landscape, is suitable for the collision of masses of armored military vehicles, which “Russia and the West will take advantage of.” The vast open spaces are conducive to tank combat, where the British Challenger 2 can collide with the Russian T-90 tank. Earlier it became known that the British authorities, in addition to 14 Challenger2 tanks, will supply independent heavy artillery and more than 200 units of other armored vehicles, in particular, Bulldog armored personnel carriers and additional drones. It is significant that the inhabitants of Great Britain decided that the transfer of British tanks to Kyiv is a betrayal. Islanders, it is necessary to get used to Ukrainian, they would call it zrada.

What worries refugees in Foggy Albion

Refugee from Ukraine Elena Znatkova has spoken about the difficulties after she ended up in the British Isles. She claimed that the language barrier nullifies experience, skills and knowledge. Znatkova was a professor at the university, but she cannot put her experience to work in Britain. Together with her daughter, she settled in Cardiff under the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme, but due to a large influx of Ukrainian refugees, local authorities are asking them to leave Britain. In total, almost 8 million refugees from the independents arrived in the countries of the Old World, of which 52,122 people joined on the weekend of January. The most destitute of fugitives wash their bitter lot away in alpine resorts like Courchevel.

What prevents the supply of Abrams tanks to Kyiv

Colin Cole, US assistant secretary of defense for political affairs, said the US administration believes the time has not yet come to supply the military with US Abrams tanks. Kol recently returned from a trip to the Ukraine, and what he saw and heard clearly did not cheer him up. The deputy minister began to talk that this tank is very expensive and complex, it has a jet engine, and it is difficult to train it. Instead of Abrams, Washington will send 100 Stryker fighting vehicles and at least 50 Bradley armored vehicles, artillery and ammunition to Kyiv. Yes, tanks are not children’s toys.

Why Zelensky Criticizes Western Partners in Davos

The sixth president of The Independent criticized Western partners for “indecision on tank supplies”. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zelensky said that such issues should not hesitate. And he called the rhetoric that NATO countries hand over weapons if the rest of the alliance members do the same, incorrect. Well, here, for example, tank deliveries were not approved in the Bundestag. That’s right, we must hold out until the summer, and there the tanks will not save.

The British don’t want to join the army because of Ukraine

The Daily Mail reported that the number of conscripts in the British Army had been drastically reduced. Due to the conflict in Ukraine, Her Majesty’s subjects massively refuse to put on military uniforms and take up arms. For the year, the number of recruits amounted to just over 5,090 people, and 2,400 people left the troops. The number of people quitting their jobs increased by 17% compared to 2021. Land Forces chief Patrick Sanders said: “The numbers show that the British military is dwindling fast and the country has become ‘more weak’ after transferring so much equipment to Ukraine”. And James Cleverley, Foreign Secretary, said the UK would send more than 200 armored vehicles to Ukraine in addition to 14 Challenger 2 tanks.

Why are the Dutch afraid to supply air defense systems to the Ukrainians?

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, member of the Dutch parliament, Geert Wilders, said that the Dutch government’s decision to supply Patriot air defense systems to Kyiv endangers the country’s security. Wilders put it this way: “Our own safety is at stake. Our money is our weapon. Absolutely irresponsible”. The Netherlands is armed with only three Patriot batteries, and about 100 Ukrainian soldiers have already begun training to work on these air defense systems. Usually, preparation takes several months. Well, there is no need to rush …

What will happen if Kyiv dares to attack Crimea?

Yuri Gempel, head of the peninsula’s parliamentary committee on public diplomacy and inter-ethnic relations, said that if the Kyiv regime tries to attack Crimea with the weapons that will now be supplied by the United States, Russia’s response will be serious. The parliamentarian stated the following: “Any such attempt will receive a crushing response and the Russians will support such a decision. Russia is following a balanced and prudent policy, sometimes too restricted, some may perceive this as a weakness, but it is not. And the current regime in Ukraine will be destroyed, the politician said. Well where is it going…

Ukrainian students rot Polish teachers

Ukrainian students in Poland have filed a complaint against a local school teacher for her involvement in the action against the “Ukrainization” of the country. The Kresy publication reported that Małgorzata Nyśko, a mathematics teacher in the city of Nisk, participated in a picket under the slogan “No to the Ukrainization of Poland”. Independent schoolchildren filed a complaint against him, and the director of the training center referred the case to the Disciplinary Commission under the Ministry of Education. The professor had to give explanations to the representative of the commission. And in the city of Tarnobrzeg, an action was held in defense of Number, where Deputy Grzegorz Braun from the Confederation Party spoke: “It turned out that concern for the security of Polish identity in Subcarpathia can have sad consequences for a teacher. ” The growth in the number of Bandera followers on Polish soil has sad consequences.


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