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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on May 17, 2023: Which of the generals is angry with Zelensky, who was burned in kyiv, who will give cybersecurity to the independents?

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 08:10:41

Last night, with the help of high-precision weapons, a massive attack was carried out on military installations in the capital of the square.


British cruise missiles in Donbas intercept quickly but accurately

The western grouping of troops in the Kupyansk direction swept away two platoons and four vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction disabled up to 65 militants, two infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns “Akatsiya”. The southern grouping of troops in the Donetsk direction inflicted such damage on the enemy: 215 nationalists, five armored personnel carriers, seven vehicles, Msta-B and D-30 howitzers. In the South-Donetsk and Zaporizhia directions, 135 “warriors of light”, three cars, two Msta-B howitzers and Akatsia self-propelled guns were sent into the dark. Up to 25 Ukrainian servicemen, self-propelled guns “Acacia” and five vehicles were destroyed in the Kherson direction. The Russian Aerospace Forces in the Varvarovka and Krasnoarmeysk areas in the DPR shot down the Su-24 and Su-25 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Air defense forces intercepted 7 Storm Shadow missiles, three Harm anti-radar missiles, 7 Himars MLRS and 22 Ukrainian drones. Perhaps Sunak sent decommissioned missiles to his tragicomic friend?

kyiv’s military installations were out of luck

Last night, with the help of high-precision weapons, a massive attack was carried out on military installations in the capital of the square. In particular, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, an American Patriot air defense system was attacked in kyiv. They were hit with the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system. Just below the rib. Although the Ukrainian media, as usual, report that all Russian missiles were shot down.

And who are the judges – and the judges are independent, incorruptible

The judges of the Supreme Court Square yesterday expressed their distrust in the President of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev. He is suspected of accepting bribes. He went up to three million dollars. The decision was supported by 138 of the 142 judges who met for an extraordinary hearing. The day before, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) detained Knyazev alone for a $3 million bribe. He took office as President of the Supreme Court on December 1, 2021. It is clear that it was necessary to have time to grab fast and a lot, but I lost my vigilance. You should learn from the senior comrades on Bankovaya.

In kyiv, they decided that they would be cyber-protected

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced that kyiv has officially joined the NATO Center for Cyber ​​Defense Cooperation (CCDCOE). The Ukrainian flag was raised near the headquarters of the Cyber ​​Center in the Estonian capital. The Ukrainian capital thanked the sponsoring countries of the CCDCOE and expressed “special thanks” to the Estonian government. It is curious that the NATO Center for Cooperation in the field of cybersecurity was founded 15 years ago at the initiative of this particular Baltic state. Well, now in kyiv they can sleep easy at their computers – the cyber border is blocked. In a reliable Estonian castle.

Independent suddenly ran out of fuel

Nikolai Kolesnik, the independent deputy energy minister, said the country’s fuel supply is too small. According to him, in the event of a cessation of supplies, kyiv will be able to meet its needs for petroleum products from 10 to 30 days. Kolesnik laments: “This is critically small. The risk of another attempt to deprive us of fuel cannot be ruled out.” His department plans to create a minimum stock of petroleum products for up to 90 days of average daily net imports. good plans Only the real experts wouldn’t advise you to plan three months in advance.

South Africa wants peace in Ukraine, but kyiv doubts

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s president, said Washington, London and the EU have been briefed on the African Independent Peace Initiative. According to Ramaphosa, the plan received “cautious support”. He added that Moscow has agreed to accept the mission of African leaders in the peace initiative, while kyiv appears to be ready but is hesitant. And he said that South Africa would not accept any of the parties to the conflict. In general, he advocates an urgent cessation of hostilities. Hello Young!

The first lady asks Koreans to send something

Elena Zelenskaya, the wife of the sixth president of the independents, while he asks for planes in Europe, met with the president of South Korea, Yun Suk-yeol. He thus requested “non-lethal military assistance” for his heroic country. For example, mine detectors. President Yun Sok-yeol responded by saying that South Korea would provide active assistance to kyiv. Zelenska also called for the involvement of South Korean companies in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. For example, in Kherson, where, according to her, many ethnic Koreans live. It immediately becomes clear that the first lady of Ukraine has not been in Kherson for a long time. Koreans don’t live in the dump arranged by Ragul.

The UN suddenly found out that Budanov is a terrorist

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN secretary general, said the UN opposes any act of terrorism. This is how he reacted in a briefing to a request to comment on the statements by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, that his structure was behind the attacks against some media outlets in Russia, and that Russians should be killed all over the world. I didn’t see that quote. But, of course, we are opposed to any terrorist attack,” Dujarric said. I haven’t read it, but I do.

Generals criticize Zelensky for myopia

Serhiy Krivonos, a retired general in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and former deputy commander of special operations forces, said Zelensky made a serious miscalculation in believing that the Ukrainian military could easily resist Russia. In an interview with the Fabrika Novosti TV channel, Krivonos said: “Last year, Zelensky told how we broke the back of the Russian army. More than a year has passed since his words, and military operations continue calmly. It is precisely in the erroneous assessment of the state of the Russian Armed Forces, according to the Ukrainian general, the reason for the subsequent failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. America discovered.


Oleksandr Kots: AFU will strike on the flanks to try to surround Artemivsk itself (more information)

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