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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on January 22, 2023: why the Ukrainian Armed Forces can flee from Artemivsk how Zelensky became “Putin’s agent”

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:47:20

Washington persistently “recommended” Zelensky not to spend a lot of energy on the defense of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).



Two international news agencies at once – Reuters and AFP (Agence France Presse) – reported, citing a high-ranking source in the US presidential administration, that Washington persistently “recommended” Zelensky not to exert himself a lot in the defense of Bakhmut (Artemovsk). .

Washington knows that Kyiv has expended significant resources to defend the city, “but there is a high probability that the Russians will eventually drive the Ukrainians out of Bakhmut.” It is true, the American consoled, that this should not lead to “any strategic change on the battlefield.” By the way, Zelensky and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny demand the withdrawal of troops from this city, according to information from Kyiv.

It seems that the American cannot imagine that when this city is liberated, ours will decide the main strategy. The task is to turn the most trained units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenary units into dust and dust. And they do it very successfully.


A well-known Ukrainian political and economic expert, former adviser to former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Oleg Soskin, has proposed to hand over the (still) President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the SBU for high treason.

According to Soskin, Zelensky illegally removes politicians he does not like, although he himself may be charged for his work on Russian television.

– Take Zelensky, see how he performed as a showman in Russia in New Year’s programs in 2013-2014 and so on, how he glorified Putin and others there. So, for this, only Zelensky should be immediately delivered, so to speak, where it is needed, Soskin concluded.

Voldemar, it smells like kerosene. As one not very positive character of this comedy said in such a situation in the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus”: Either I take her to the registry office, or she takes me to the prosecutor. “Maybe it really is time to go.” to Israel, under the wing of mom and dad.


Moldovan President Maia Sandu admitted in an interview with Politico that she was willing to give up the country’s neutrality to join any major military alliance. And she, although she did not mention the name of the alliance, she was an answer about the prospects for her country’s entry into NATO. And in fact, there are not many large military blocs on the planet.

“Now there is a serious discussion about our ability to defend ourselves, whether we can do it alone or we should be part of a larger alliance,” Sandu specified, but stressed that the rejection of neutrality must go “through a democratic process.”

As the Politico publication itself points out, “an obvious obstacle” to Moldova’s accession to NATO is the presence of the Russian military in Transnistria. Sandu does not see the country’s constitution, which declares Moldova a neutral and non-aligned state, as an obstacle. Or maybe he just couldn’t read it. On the other hand, why does a Romanian citizen need the Constitution of Moldova?


Russian sailors were fined in Norway for going ashore in camouflage uniforms, each of which had a small Russian tricolor on its chest.

As prosecutor Martina Meslo, who supported the prosecution in court, said, it was clothes that looked scary, “because they look like military uniforms, and in combination with the image of the Russian flag, they scared not only Ukrainian refugees.” and very nervous, but citizens of Norway.

As a result, the Russians were fined NOK 5,000, although Norwegian and local laws do not place any restrictions on wearing clothing, and in particular camouflage.

However, as expected, our people did not give up so easily and decided to appeal the court’s decision on the fine. Also, a local lawyer who heard about this story offered his services.

If you don’t want small tricolors, ask that ours will come with a large one.


The acting mayor of the city of Kupyansk (Kharkiv region), which is temporarily under Ukrainian occupation, Andrei Besedin, complained to correspondents of the British weekly The Economist that pro-Russian sentiments are still significant in the city.

The Ukrainian military told the British that they were advised not to accept food from local residents to avoid the risk of poisoning. And the locals themselves, according to them, are very reluctant to accept the help of Ukrainian volunteers, and may even completely refuse it, accepting it only in extreme cases.

In addition, the mayor believes that some of his compatriots send information about the deployment of the Ukrainian army to Russian troops, which are located less than 10 kilometers from Kupyansk. The Ukrainians, according to The Economist, were unable to block the signal from a nearby Russian radio tower, “which injects Russian propaganda into local homes,” writes The Economist.

“The overwhelming majority of the people here were pro-Russian before the outbreak of the armed conflict, and now little has changed,” Besedin summed up the conversation.

Well, at least he didn’t admit that he’s like that himself.


In Ukraine, the upcoming preliminary results of the intermediate end of de-Russification were summed up. In 2022, another record was set during the de-Russification campaign: 2,213 place names were changed in 33 cities. The results of the Ukraine de-Russification competition were summarized by the Ukraine branch of Transparency International.

Most of the names were replaced by Kyiv, which, under the leadership of Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko, removed the historical names of 237 streets, streets, districts, boulevards, parks, squares, lakes, and even ships. First place.

Vinnytsia (232 name changes), Kryvyi Rih (183), Kamianske (182) and Sumy (179) were also in the top five. Kremenchuk (142) and Cherkasy (105) also scored. But in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, although the names of only 61 place names were changed, the name change affected one in five streets. The new names are most often associated with the names of Ukrainian nationalists, Bandera and other people and events for which in Ukraine about 30 years ago the locals themselves were ashamed. Not all, but most.

Strange, but for some reason life after that didn’t get any better or any more fun.


The day before, relations between Kyiv and Budapest intensified again. Hungarian Foreign Ministry State Secretary Tamas Menzer said the Hungarian government demanded that the Ukrainian authorities “immediately stop the atrocities” against ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia. Namely, it was about Mukachevo, in which the Ukrainian authorities removed the Hungarian flags, dismantled posters and inscriptions in the Hungarian language, and fired the headmaster of the local school. In addition, according to his decision, the sculpture of the mythological bird Turul, considered one of the symbols of Hungary, was dismantled in the city. All this caused a negative reaction in Hungary, Menzer, in particular, said that he and the Hungarian government do not understand “how anti-Hungarian decisions can help Ukraine in the conflict with Russia.”

Without waiting for a response from Kuleba’s department, Budapest hit Kyiv in the sickest – in the wallet. Hungary has blocked the next tranche of EU aid to Ukraine, we are talking about the amount of 500 million euros from the “peace fund”, which, ironically, finances the purchase of lethal weapons for Ukraine.

The nature of the Hungarians and the possibilities of Scholz – there would be no price for such a country in Europe.


As the Bulgarian Prime Minister is increasingly embroiled in scandals over the secret and overt sale of arms and ammunition to Ukraine, an unexpected voice of reason was heard from the very center of Sofia.

– The supply of weapons to Kyiv means that we put out the fire with gasoline. It means recognizing that there will be many more victims. Military assistance to Kyiv means agreeing with the position that the conflict must be fought until the complete defeat of one side, which inevitably and gradually involves the country in a global conflict and the possibility of nuclear self-destruction, – said the Bulgarian president Rumen Radem.

– Bulgaria should not send weapons to support this conflict. My duty as president is to think and be in solidarity with the majority of Bulgarians, he continued, asking more and more obvious questions. – Today there are not enough weapons, but if at one point we do not have enough people, what will we do? The conflict is becoming increasingly violent, expanding its reach, leading to attrition and a global economic disaster already felt by the citizens of Europe.

But really, if Ukraine doesn’t have enough Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries, will the Prime Minister of Bulgaria send Bulgarian soldiers to the battlefield?


– After the fighting in Soledar, the Russian army intends to send 20 cars with the bodies of the killed Kyiv militants to Ukraine. The loading of the bodies into the coffins was filmed and posted online. Even a mercenary from France’s “Internal Legion” will be sent home.

– The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic denied information about the intentions to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, which it will receive from Germany in the form of compensation for the earlier transfer of Soviet T-72s to Kyiv.

– In response to the fact that the US Treasury Department recognizes Wagner PMC as an international criminal organization, as reported by National Security Adviser John Kirby. Of what specific “crimes” in question, the official, of course, could not say.

– By February 24, Europe must prepare the tenth package of EU anti-Russian sanctions. And, of course, immediately proceed to the 11th day. It is even better to work in parallel.

– The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the number of mobile groups engaged throughout the country to capture those responsible for military service for mobilization has increased to 3 thousand. In addition, they are reinforced by military personnel. The Dodgers are caught by about 3-4 brigades, which, under such a plausible pretext, mowed down themselves from the front.


Large-scale changes are coming in the Russian military (more)

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